Monday, May 08, 2006

water garden

This is what our little water garden looks like right now...And in a couple of days, a water lily will be blooming. Click the pictures to make them bigger and easier to view.

This is Daisy, our cat trying to catch a fish. So far, none of our seven cats have fallen into the small pond since they were kittens....And none of the cats have ever caught a fish either.

There is a little frog sitting on a lily pad in the center of the picture, near the goldfish. I also found a water snail on the water's edge, but I didn't think to take it's picture before I released it back into the pool.

This is a picture of a larger frog.


TUFFENUF said...

Very beautiful pond. I have one but not with the nice rock features and lily pads like yours. nice photos.

Gary said...

Nice pictures. You really have a great water garden.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
BTW, I love your profile pic. Really sweet.

manababies said...

These are some beautiful photos of your yard. My husband has been wanting to plant fruit trees. And I would love to have a vegetable garden. But first we'll see if I know what I'm doing with just plain old flowers :)

susan said...

Very nice water garden, did you build it yourself?

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Susan...You asked if we built our water garden...Yes, we did except for the preformed plastic we are wishing we would have made it bigger. But it is pretty self-sustaining now...we just enjoy the beauty of the plants and the fish. The fish require no feeding from us.
The only thing we have to do is drop a mosquito pellet into the water twice a month.

Peter said...

Beautiful photos of a lovely pool Sandy.

Sue said...

Love the pictures of your pond!
Our cat doesn't fall in our catch fish in our pond either, but he really enjoys watching them dart around. Do you use a filter on your pond?

Tropical Screamer said...

Great photos. I love Daisy by the water.


Ava said...

What a beautiful pond and water garden!!! I have water lillies in mine, but you have other interesting stuff.

What other plants do you have in there?

Boy, Daisy is really keeping an eye on that fish!!!

I have frogs too and they love the lily pads!!!

What are those plants sticking up out of the water around the lillies?


doubleknot said...

Beautiful water garden. They are so peaceful.
The cat looking at the fish is cute. I am sure they are careful not to fall into the water - you know cats and water don't mix.

Da Gal said...

There photos are incredible and breathtaking. I hope someday I will be in a place that has lovely grounds and gardens and water features... at least find a place close by to visit like that. I imagine reading a book on the green grass and smelling the flowers. Thanks for sharing such delight.