Thursday, August 03, 2006

Just another day in paradise

Not much has been going on except for our excessively hot weather that reaches 100ºf lately. Jimmy & I have been taking advantage of these hot sunny days and riding somewhere everyday.

Yesterday, we packed our small cooler, stuck it in the back saddlebag of my trike and I took Jimmy to Levi Jackson State Park, in London, Kentucky for a picnic.

We are still riding on one bike: I like him on the back because we can talk while we ride...I know we could wear those helmet headsets and could talk if we were on separate bikes, but Jimmy won't wear a helmet, if he doesn't have to. So that's out. Besides, like I said...I like him back there...and he likes to be there too. :)

Today is going to be another day reaching 100º, so we may take Jimmy's streetbike instead and ride on some of those roads where the trees create a tunnel, where it's cool, shady and runs along a pretty creek where we can stop and cool off. Enjoy your day wherever you may be, as I plan on enjoying mine.

Before I go, here is a little story that I received from some friends in Paducah,'s about flying.

A man was flying from Seattle to San Francisco and the plane had a layover in Sacramento. The flight attendant explained that there would be a delay, and if the passengers wanted to get off the aircraft, the plane would re-board in one hour. Everybody got off the plane except one gentleman.

Another man had noticed him as he walked by and could tell the gentleman was blind because his Seeing Eye dog lay quietly underneath the seats in front of him throughout the entire flight.

He could also tell that he had flown this very flight before because the pilot approached him, and calling him by name, said, "Keith, we're in Sacramento for an hour, would you like to get off and stretch your legs?"

The blind man replied, "No thanks, but maybe my dog would like to stretch his legs.

"Now picture this:

All the people in the gate area came to a complete standstill when they looked up and saw the pilot walk off the plane with a Seeing Eye dog!

The pilot was even wearing sunglasses. People scattered. They not only tried to change planes, but they were trying to change airlines!

True story....Have a great day and remember...

Things aren't always as they seem.


Motherkitty said...

That was a wonderful story about the pilot and the seeing eye dog.

Hope you have a great ride today and stay cool. Husband is out on the John Deere this a.m. planning on moving some rock and filling up some holes in the back yard. I'm doing the easy thing by staying inside in the A/C and blogging. We will miss you on Saturday.

Alipurr said...

very funny story

I was in paducah last week, you know me and Chuck E. Cheese! We're good buddies!
the girls loved it

Sue said...

What a great story about the pilot!
I could visualize you two riding through the trees and stopping by a cool creek!
Sounds fun!
Helmets are mandatory in CA. (although the ones that some of them wear couldn't protect the brains of a small child they are so tiny!)

PEA said...

Oh boy, I think I would have turned around too if I'd seen what looked to be a blind pilot coming out of the plane! lol Great story!! I don't know how you guys can stand that kind of heat..we had it for a couple of days and it was horrible, the humidity especially!! We finally got rain yesterday and today there's no humidity...heaven! Sounds like great rides you've been the idea of picnics besides a cool creek or in a park!

Tammy said...

shoulda known you got a good un from them jokers in!!
That was funny, and thought provoking...ya'll be careful now!!

Franny said...

LMFAO! I would have started walking home!

Ava said...

Wow! Sounds like you're having fun taking Jimmy for rides! You go, girl!!!

That story was funny!!!! That would freak a person out to see the pilot with a seeing eye dog! Very cute!

HORIZON said...

lol- funny story. Have to say you and Jimmy are certainly enjoying this summer- out and about- l think it's great!! :)

squire said...

That's a great one.

Hattigrace said...


Abandoned in Pasadena said...'re welcome.

Motherkitty...tell that brother of mine that it was too hot today to be outside moving rocks and filling in holes. I'll miss you guys on Sat. too.

Alipurr...I still love going to Chuck E. Cheese...with or without the kids.

Sue...we know about California's helmet law & put them on whenever we are there. We carry a helmet law map, of the U.S., whenever we travel.

Pea...we can stand the heat because we are always in it. Of course if it's to hot we can duck into an airconditioned store to cool off and drink water.

Tammy...the joke was sent to me by the guy who transformed my trike and his wife.

Franny...Well he landed the plane safely didn't he even though everyone assumed he was blind.

Ava...I'm having a ball.

Horison...Jimmy & I have enjoyed nearly 12 years of being out & about, winter & summer. Our home is just a place we need, to store our stuff.


Kerri said...

A picnic in a shady spot sounds like fun when the temps are that hot.
funny story. Yep, that would freak people out for sure :)