Thursday, August 03, 2006


Did I mention how HOT it was yesterday? It was hot enough to melt the rubber soles on my steel-toed riding boots.

When I stepped on the hot blacktop and then onto some gravel, the large pieces of limestone gravel embedded themselves in the soft, hot rubber, of my boots...that's why you can see the holes...where the gravels were before Jimmy plucked them out.

Luckily, I had an extra pair of tennis shoes with me to change into. I brought them with me just in case I wanted to take the boots off and wade in the water...if we came across any.

I tried putting this picture up this morning, but blogger wouldn't allow it...But, I don't need to explain blogger's tempermental nature to you guys...You already know.

I hope that you all forgive me for not visiting your blogs and reading your posts as quick as I used to, but in the summer months we are gone a lot...Well anytime it's warm any time of the year we're gone.

We love the out of doors...just ask our kids...they have a hard time keeping track of us, but we do carry a cell phone and it's always turned on.

I read as many of your posts as I can from the time we get home until I go to bed. I have given up T.V. for blogging which I enjoy immensely, (the blogging)...Good trade-off don't you think?

Well...I've got a meme to work on, so off I go. See you all tomorrow, same URL, same time.


Granny said...

I don't watch as much t.v. for the same reason.

I've fallen behind on my blogging friends lately - mostly due to the heat.

Here I am, catching up and saying hi.

Sue said...

Wow, now that was hot! I also don't watch too much tv in the summer. I have a few shows I follow in the fall. Glad you liked the meme, looking forward to your answers...

Tammy said...

I'm up early this morning...can't sleep...may be too excited about the gK's coming!! I hear you about the bloggin instead of tv...nothin is ever on that I wanna see and the computer always beckons!!
Hey now that is hot...your poor shoes!!
Lots of people get busier in the summer...weekends are the slowest times of!

Alice said...

My goodness, if that's what happens to your boots when you step on the road, just think what the cars must be doing to the road, too.

Hope it cools down for you soon.

somershade said...

When I went through town it was 100 degress and someone said it got up to 102. That is hot for us.I carry extra shoes too,after the cartwheel incident :)I think I will ride today.

Motherkitty said...

If your shoes melted, I can imagine how you and Jimmy felt riding on a metal bike. The wind in your faces must have made you feel cooler though.

I agree that we tend to watch less TV in the summer. We have been spending quite a lot of time in the pool every day. And, when we actually do go into the house, we're exhausted and go to bed no matter what time it is. The only reason we stay up late anymore is to get on the the computer and check out blogs. For us gardeners, we also tend to spend a lot of time working outside on our yards. I will hate it when winter comes, won't you?

Motherkitty said...
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Abandoned in Pasadena said...

granny...Hi, back at ya too.

Sue...there is one show I do watch some mornings and that is Y & R.

Tammy...I'm like you...when I get excited about something, I can't sleep either and I'm up VERY early. And yes, I've noticed that on weekends the working people stop blogging, as it should be, and I guess spend more time with family or going places.

Alice...Tires are made to withstand the road heat, but they still wear out faster in the hot summer months.

Somershade...yesterday we went south toward the rain clouds and used them for shade. It was definately 10ºf cooler.

Motherkitty...We try to pick shade covered roads to ride on and it's like always having the fan turned directly on you, blowing cool air. Of course when you stop, it's HOT.
You are very lucky to have a pool you can dip into and cool off from the summer heat...and also get exercise and a good workout. Congrats on your weight loss, but I think I found it! :(

I hope the winter months get no colder than 70ºf this year. It'll reek (sp??) havoc on our fruit trees, but at least it will be warm.

Kerri said...

Good grief, that's hot! I'm the same...outside as much as I can be in the summer. We're cooped up for so many months in the winter. Know what I love about summer (besides everything else)? ...being able to sleep with the windows open! I love the fresh air and hearing the birds singing in the mornings.
I don't watch TV either. Blogging is much more entertaining :)

PEA said...

Yup, that's what I call hot! WOW! So you probably CAN fry an egg on the sidewalk if it's that hot! I haven't had the tv on since I started blogging...takes me a couple of hours to read everyone's posts and comments so who has time for tv? lol Have a great weekend, Sandy xoxo