Friday, August 04, 2006

Who are you calling a klutz?

Well, now I can add Cumberland Gap to the list of places I’ve fallen in.

Picture this:

I ride into this quaint little town of Cumberland Gap. The people take notice of my nice trike and the guy I’m hauling on the back seat, all decked out in his leather vest adorned with pins & patches of the places he’s been to.

They look straight at me, smile and give me a thumbs-up and holler, “Way to go!” I’m pumped up and feel proud.

I find a parking space, park the bike and get off. There are 3 or 4 steps up to the sidewalk and when I get to the top step, (level with the sidewalk), I trip and fall on a small 1 inch lip between the step and sidewalk. I go tumbling down…it seemed like it was in slow motion…luckily my right elbow broke my fall. *LOL* Jimmy runs over to help me up and I, of course, look around to see if anyone is watching.

And yes, there were about 5 teenage boys on skate boards all watching…I expected some laughter, but they were all silent. We spoke to them to break the ice and after we exchanged some pleasantries they continued on with their skateboarding.

We didn’t stay here long, because the bicycle shop I was planning on visiting was no longer here…But I did manage to take these pictures yesterday.
Above is the old covered railroad bridge.
The bicycle shop used to be right next door to this little square where you can sit and rest among the flowers...And below are pictures of the little brown butterflies that were hovering around the flowers.

Wasn't I lucky here? Two, I say TWO butterflies on one flower. I have really fallen for this little town...excuse the pun...I couldn't help myself. :)
I got a closer shot here of the same two butterflies.
Like I said...brown was the only color butterflies here, but I'm brown and brown is beautiful too.

After we left the gap, we went on further into Tennessee to have something to eat. It was 20ºf cooler there and felt really good. After eating, we headed back home.

Please be assured that I'm pretty well padded, so nothing got hurt but my pride when I fell.


Motherkitty said...

Ouch!!! Isn't that always the way when we fall -- the first thing we do is look around to see if anyone saw us embarrass ourselves. I'm glad you weren't hurt. Did you let Jimmy drive after that little fall?

The butterflies are gorgeous. When we're in the pool, we are always dive-bombed by horseflies, butterflies, dragonflies, gnats, hummingbirds, Japanese beetles, and other UFOs.

Naturegirl said...

Amazing amazing amazing I am speechless!
Those butterfly photos are amazing!! They facinate me the colors matched so perfectly..great photos!!

Sue said...

The pictures of the butterflies are stunning!
Sandy, I'm so glad you didn't really hurt. My hub's grandma fell just going down one step and broke her hip!
(She was not a frail thing)
You were lucky!

The Four Bears in the Woods said...

Bless your heart, I am glad you are okay! I loved the pictures of the butterflies. I can never get them still enough to take a picture. They are really nice pictures.

I can beleive the shoes in the picture below because it has been SO HOT. Baby Bear has been at football practice and luckily it is in the mornings. But when school starts next week it will be after school, I worry so about him in that heat practicing football.

Anyway, nice pictures. Glad you are okay!

Mama Bear

Kerri said...

Sandy, for someone who can't walk up stairs without falling down, you sure do take great butterfly pics :)
You have the mastered the art of laughing at yourself. I love your sense of humor :) So glad you weren't hurt. How nice that the boys didn't laugh at you!

Rachel said...

Shall we call you "Grace" from now on?? So glad you weren't hurt when you fell.

I know that was a pretty drive to C. Gap. I haven't been there in ages. I do mean ages!!

Nice pictures! In the post below it's a wonder your shoes weren't smoking! That is hot!!

LZ Blogger said...

Sandy ~ Cumberland Gap? Wasn't that a 1960's John Denver song? No Jimmy Buffett!!! I don't really even know now that I think about it! ~ Loved the butterfly shots! ~ jb///

PEA said...

Someone tripped you, right????? lol It figures, whenever we trip there is ALWAYS someone around to see us make a fool of ourselves!!! Seriously though, glad you weren't hurt!!! What beautiful pictures you took and the ones with the two butterflies on the same flower is superb!

Tammy said...

It's good to know you are all mom fell a few years back in Mammoth took them two hours to get her out...she had to have surgery on a broken ankle...YIKES!!
I bet you are sore the next day!

Tim Rice said...

I love those pictures with the butterflies. Beautiful!