Tuesday, August 08, 2006

"New Five Tag" meme

I’ve decided to accept the New Five Tag challenge from Paige of

It’s a fill-in the blank type meme, then give five reasons you chose that word.

5 Reasons I’m the _____ (fill-in the blank):
Princess- My first cup of coffee is brought to me in bed with a kiss, I get waited on hand and foot, I get back scratches & massages, I have a princess nighty, My home is my castle.

5 Reasons to wear _____(fill-in the blank): A bra- To look perky *LOL*, So I don’t trip & fall, So I can see my waist, To bring the table closer to my chin, They come in pretty colors.

5 Reasons to _____(fill-in the blank): Vacation- It’s fun, I get to travel, I get to eat at new restaurants, I get to meet new people, I can pretend I’m on the moon in some states, I might run into LZ Blogger.

5 Reasons to brush _____(fill-in the blank): My hair – So I won’t have Phyllis Diller hair, So my hair won’t be full of tangles & knots, So Jimmy will recognize me, So I won’t look like Cucoo, So my hair will shine.

5 Reasons to take _____(fill-in the blank):
Showers – It’s quicker than a bath, It keeps me from smelling bad, I get to use my loofah, I never have to sit in old bath water, It’s easier to wash my hair.

So what kind of Five Tag can you do? I tag any one who has the courage to do this.


Tammy said...

now that was an interesting meme!
I'm with you on the showers and the bra's...lmbo!!

Sue said...

This was quite the twist on a meme! Coffee in Bed??
Lucky you!!!

Laura said...

Ohhh! I love this one! I have the same issues with bras. namely, I cant wait to get out of them every night! LOL
Hub brings me coffee in bed every morning. We married awesome guys!

Motherkitty said...

Phyllis Diller hair? I have never seen you with bad hair (although I haven't seen you after you've been riding with a helmet on for a long time and you've been sweating a lot). I agree with the shower deal; I also hate taking baths and sitting in "dirty" water.

Cute meme.

Da Gal said...

Hmmmm... I like this. I will have to do this over on my blog in the next day or so.

Hope you are doing well!

The Four Bears in the Woods said...

Great meme, I love it. You always make do them well!

PEA said...

Still giggling at the bra one! hehe What a delightful meme that was and loved all your answers:-)

bornfool said...

You're a life-saver (or blog-saver) Sandy. I badly needed something to blog. I'll consider myself tagged.

Rachel said...

Jimmy has you spoiled. How wonderful!!

I enjoyed this and may try it soon.

Paige said...

Sandy this is very good. I love it! & yes I made it up.
Thanks for playing