Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Fishing party

Mama Bear's birthday party guests spent the whole day fishing, as you can see from EmmyLou's dark picture above...night had settled in and the fish were biting. Well, the fish bit all day long and every one caught something.

All the fish that were caught were cleaned and fileted and then frozen for our next gathering...a fish fry. This is Baby Bear's friend, Matthew cleaning his fish.

This is the pond that sits in front of the Four Bear's home...and no, that's not their home in the picture. That's a cedar sauna that is now used to store fishing poles, lawn chairs, tackle boxes and that sort of stuff.

This is Mama Bear, our birthday girl, enjoying her special day. Her morning started with a birthday visit from Suzanne with a special birthday surprise.

These next two pictures are of Donna, a good friend and as you can see in the picture below she is displaying one of the fish she caught.

This was not the biggest fish of the day. At the end of the day Matthew, Donna's son, ended up catching the biggest fish.

All in all, the day was beautiful and everyone had a great time. We all fished and kept Papa Bear very busy, cleaning and fileting all the fish for our next gathering. The kids took fishing breaks to cool off & jump into the pool that's set up near the pond.

Donna & Randy brought over about a bushel basket full of fresh green beans that they had picked from their garden that morning, so when Jimmy & I finished fishing we sat and visited while breaking beans. And yes, we washed our hands really good first. We told Mama Bear that we expected to eat some of her great green beans the next time we came over. *LOL* She makes the tastiest green beans...but there isn't anything she can't fix that's out of this world! I love her cooking.

Papa Bear grilled steaks, hamburgers and hot dogs and baked some potatoes on a second grill. We had a fresh green salad and all the fixings and for dessert of course there was the birthday cake & ice cream, and Donna made some brownies.

All in all, we had a wonderful day of fun in the sun...Well, that's not exactly true. We tried to stay in the shade most of the time because it was hot, but nobody complained about it, except Papa Bear a little...but of course he was busy cleaning the fish and later with the grilling. He was a busy bear...thank you Papa Bear for all that you did.

OH! And I almost forgot, but I didn't think to get a picture of this...Papa Bear's present to Mama Bear. Papa Bear ALWAYS makes Mama Bear a present and this year he carved her a beautiful walking stick. This coming Saturday, August 12th will also be their 24th wedding anniversary...so, they have a lot to celebrate.


Alipurr said...

Sounds like you guys had a great birthday party, too!

Motherkitty said...

Looks like a lot of fun and wish we could have been there too.

PEA said...

What a wonderful day you all had...loved looking at all the pictures:-) I had to laugh at the one of Matthew cleaning the fish...he has a look of disgust on his face! lol I love fishing but I will NOT clean the fish!!

Ava said...

The look on his face while he's cleaning his fish is priceless!!!!

What a super setting for a pond! Sounds like everyone had a great time.

Tammy said...

Wow...sounds like you had a lot of fun!
I would love to come to that fish fry! (as long as there are hush puppies of course!)

susan said...

Great looking fish! Where and when did you say the fish fry was...

Granny said...

Sounds like a great day.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I wish all of you could have been at the party...Wouldn't of that been great!

And yes Matthew had a look of disgust on his face because he HAD to clean the fish.
It's part of earning a boy scout badge. Matthew had to catch two differnt kinds of fish, identify each one, clean each fish, cook them and lastly, eat the fish he cooked.

Mr grandson Brandon had already earned this badge when he was at boy scout camp for a week.

I was told that at camp the boys who ate the fish were so excited and acted like they had never eaten fish before...*LOL* Probably because it didn't look like a McDonald's fish sandwich or maybe they didn't make the connection.

Sue said...

What a great story about your family party. The pond with great fishing must make for a wonderful family gathering place! The meal sounds yummy!

Rachel said...

What a wonderful day Sandy!! I know it was so much fun. That grill food makes me hungry thinking about it!

Val said...

This looks so relaxing. How lovely you could all spend the day together in such a beautiful place.