Friday, August 11, 2006

Pretty Flowers & Pretty Butterflies

Jimmy & I went over to Allan Wayne & Lucille’s house…that’s Jimmy’s brother…and Lucille has the most beautiful flowers. She definitely has a green thumb. They’re the ones who gave me the original hibiscus that I have growing in my yard.

While they were cleaning out a fence row, one fall day, they dug out three hibiscus roots and dropped them in our driveway while we were gone. The roots laid there a couple of days before we planted them and below you can see how beautiful they are.

These hibiscus are in my yard and are blooming right now. This is a view from my back porch, looking down the back side of the house. The flowers are also visible from the inside of the house.

This is looking at them from the corner of the house. The flower closest is a Rose of Sharon…but if you look towards that telephone pole you can see the hibiscus.

While I was wandering around Alan & Lucille’s yard, admiring the flowers and taking some pictures, a butterfly decided to flitter in front of my camera. It seemed to sit there and want to pose for pictures. So, who am I to pass up a good opportunity to photograph a butterfly.

You just have to hang around the right kind of flowers, if you want to see butterflies….And next year, I’m growing some of these beautiful flowers in my yard!


Franny said...

its monarch butterfly time here too...such a short while before they begin the big migration to mexico...something about butterflies. a wonder. a marvel. thats why they're my blog background this month (dont know if you can see it though)

Sue said...

So glad he was in the mood to pose for you so we could all enjoy him!

Tanya said...

Love those flowers!! And that joke :)

Tammy said...

beautiful hibiscus!!!
I miss mine, I had it in a whiskey barrell it was a gift to us on our 25th anniversary...when we left Ky I gifted it to a cousin of Hubby's, she had the best green thumb in the family. Your's are just gorgeous!!

judypatooote said...

Great pictures sandy......i love the butterflies

Anonymous said...


You're flower and butterfly pictures are such an inspiration. I'll have to research when we're ready to make our flowerbed.

Tim Rice said...

Beautiful flowers and butterflies.

Da Gal said...

These are beautiful. what kind of flowers are these that the butterfly is on? They resemble a gerbera daisy but just don't quite look like it. I love those flowers, wish I had a bit more of a green thumb myself, but I just didn't seem to inherit a joy for gardening. Just a joy for looking at pretty gardens.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

da gal...I don't know the names of flowers, I only admire them with Oo's & ah's. Maybe someone else can give us their name.

Kerri said...

Those pink zinnias are so pretty. I planted just a few pom pom zinnias late in the season. Hope they have time to bloom. I'm having trouble getting the monarchs to sit still long enough for me to photograph them! Uncooperative criters!
Our (new this Spring) Rose of Sharon has buds on it! I'm excited!! Your's is such a beautiful color! Mom grew hibiscus in Australia. I love it!