Saturday, September 09, 2006

Brothers Celebrate Birthday

Although their birthdays are 5 days apart, my grandsons usually celebrate their birthdays on the same day with a birthday party...and today was their big day.
Brandon will be 12 years old on Sept. 10th,
and Doug 23 years old on Sept. 15th. Happy Birthday boys! We all had a great time at your party today.


The Four Bears in the Woods said...

We are so glad you and Jimmy joined us in the celebration.

Aren't they just so handsome? :)

Happy Birthday Boys.... we love you two so much!

From your Mama Bear and Papa Bear

Tomas Dennis said...

Happy Birthday Brandon. Happy Birthday Doug.

wazza said...

Gidday Sandy, don't kids love to make faces when there's a camera around.
I see you've been tagged altho' your tag
questions seemed a bit easier than mine was. Thanks Sandy, I think Peter is jealous 'cos he's got a bigger "gut" than I have, thou' he won't agree with this.

jellyhead said...

Hi Sandy,

Bet you're proud of those two strapping young men, your grandsons! Glad you had a good birthday celebration for them.

:) Jelly

Granny said...

Belated birthday wishes to all and Happy Grandparents' Day to you. Good looking kids.

My oldest daughter, now 50, and my 38 year old son have birthdays two days apart (June 2 and 4th. We always combined their birthdays and still do occasionally when they're both around.

Sue said...

My children's birthdays are two days apart alos (Jan 27 & 29) My brother and I also have our birthdays two days apart. We always did joint parties..
Happy Birthday to Brandon (who shares my husbands's birthday) and also to Doug!

Rachel said...

Happy birthday guys! I see Brandon couldn't resist the urge to make a face for the camera!! LOL