Sunday, September 10, 2006

Happy Birthday Laura & Brandon!

Our family has three sets of, double birthdays...that is two family members born on the same day.
Today is Laura & Brandon's Birthday.

Happy 32nd Birthday Laura!
This picture of Laura was sent to me courtesy of Laura's mom.

Brandon turns 12 years old today...aka Baby Bear of the Four Bears in the Woods and my youngest grandson.
Brandon is posing with the walking stick that his dad, Papa Bear carved for him. Brandon's walking stick is the one on the left with the dragon head. Brandon is also holding Doug's walking stick (on the right) since they both celebrated their birthdays together yesterday.
This is the top of Brandon's walking stick. The stick is depicting one of Brandon's favorite cartoon characters.

Happy Birthday
Again to
Brandon & Laura!
And may your Special Day be filled
with everything that you hoped for.
We all love you.


The Four Bears in the Woods said...

Happy Birthday to my sweet baby boy. We are so blessed to have him in our lives. I have always called him my miracle baby (long story behind the trouble I went through to have him). He is so sweet and cuddly and loves to be kissed and hugged and he brings us so much joy. We are so proud of our Baby Bear! I just hate to see him grow up so fast.

Also Happy Birthday Laura! To a sweet and very thoughtful person. We are also blessed to have you in our family too.

Hope you both have an exceptionally good Birthday!

Now I am off to town to shop with Baby Bear since he got Birthday money he is dying to spend. :)

Sue said...

Happy Birthday to Laura and once again to Brandon!

Rachel said...

Happy birthday Laura. Some major drooling going on there! Cute!!

Happy Birthday to Brandon again!
Sounds like a good time was had at the party!!

Sonia said...

A Very Happy Birthday to Laura and to Brandon, too! All the best to all the family!

The Four Bears in the Woods said...

I wanted to also point out that I think that the walking sticks are great that Papa Bear made! A lot of time went into making those for his boys. He also made me one for my birthday last month, I will have to post it on my blog sometime. He also made me a light house for my anniversary gift and a bowl made out of cedar. Since he can't do much of nothing anymore this is what he has taken up for his new hobby and he does it so well! And he said he didn't think he could do it!

Love you Papa Bear you are so crafty!

Mama Bear

Tim Rice said...

A belated happy birthday to Laura and Brandon. And that's a neat walking stick that Brandon has.

somershade said...

Happy Birthday to Brandon,Laura and Doug on Fiday,love you all xxxooo

Anonymous said...

Surely there are some drool-free pictures my mom could've sent!! Thanks for the birthday wishes -- you're the best!! Guess I'm getting older -- had a wonderful day napping and watching the birds!!!
Love from Laura

Alipurr said...

happy birthday to everyone....