Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Rain Finally Stopped

The rain finally stopped...YIPEE! After over a week of rain we were so happy to see the blue sky with white fluffy clouds. It was so nice to get out and walk in the yard again. The grass needed mowing and the weeds have taken over...but that's okay, we can handle that.

When we went out to buy gas for the lawnmower ($2.36 per gallon) we noticed that they had finally put a name on the building under construction, and what a surprise to find out that it was a Starbucks Coffee. It's a rather small building and we thought it might be an oil change center or a muffler shop. It's not open yet...they were still working on it. For those of you that know the area, the Starbucks is located right next to Ryan's.

The pictures below are pictures I took of the yard.

The water grasses must have loved this rainy weather because they are overflowing out over the sides of the watergarden and onto the surrounding rocks.

Here's another view of the watergarden. I love the lily pads and there were two remaining waterlily flowers...one is just a bud, but will be open tomorrow. I can't seem to bend down anywhere without a cat or two coming over to investigate.

The marigolds are blooming and I love their colors.

This is some kind of vine that has very pretty purple seed pods. It didn't do as well this year...I don't think it likes all the rain that we had.

I was surprised to see my little pink tea rose and the Veronicas still blooming. My climbing pink rose was also blooming very pretty, with many large flowers, but Jimmy cut them and brought them in and put them in a vase. He loves roses, but we don't have much luck with them.

We have about 50 feet of grapes and they did exceptionally well this year. They're mostly concord grapes and they are ripe and ready to pick. We've been eating them fresh...Jimmy goes out everyday and picks us a fresh batch to eat. They're really sweet except when they're light purple...and then you just want to scrinch your face up like a prune, if you happen to get one in your mouth. I also came face to face with a spider while eating the grapes and had to holler for Jimmy. Apparently they like grapes too. You eat the grapes for a healthy heart and then along comes a spider and gives you a heart attack.


Tomas Dennis said...

Good Morning

Merle said...

Hello Sandy ~~ Your garden looks nice
and the grapes yummy. Thanks for leaving a comment on my new blog which seems to be going OK. I lost everything
from the first blog but luckily had
printed most of the 251 posts. It is good to be back, as I missed reading all the blogs I enjoy. Take care, Sandy, have a nice day, Merle.

susan said...

Looks like your yard really liked the rain! Love the colors of the season - orange and purple!

Peter said...

Hi Sandy, our Spring and your Fall two lovely times of the year.

Sue said...

Hi Sandy,
Glad the rain stopped for a bit. Your garden sure looks good. Loved your line about the healthy heart from grapes and then the spiders giving you a heart attack. Too funny!

Floridacracker said...

Great yard and wow, those grapes!

Pamela said...

Love the pics especially the vine with the purple pods, don't think I've ever seen anything like it. Your grapes look devine, and you better watch out those Starbucks can be very addictive. hehe

Val said...

I love your water garden, AIP. And those marigolds take me back to my parents' first house on Long Island, New York. Neither of them have ever been the least bit interested in gardening, but my mother always had the walk to the front door lined with marigolds. At the end of summer my sister and I would collect the neatly packaged dry seeds to use for next summer.

doubleknot said...

Great pics of your flowers and fruit. Maybe you should just let Jimmy get the grapes and check them out for spiders - wouldn't want to see you in hospital.