Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Wait...there's more besides hands

If you look closely to this picture, you will see that Jimmy is reading a sign posted in a “wire hand” sculpture. The more I walk around our town the more hands I see. In this particular grassy area there are 2 wire hand sculptures, along with 3 painted hands…which I showcased on September 1, 2006 titled, “More Hands in Town.” I think that we are going a little over board with hands…What do you think?
Here is another view of the same hand. There’s my bike, parked in the background. Since the trike is mine and I do the driving, we are stopping at more places. I love to explore the things around us and often, it is the places that are the closest to us that we don’t bother to stop and see…But that’s changing! Since we have to stop to rest and stretch our legs, why not walk around and enjoy the sights. The hands weren’t the only sculptures there. You can see part of a wire cow behind that brown sign…At least I think it’s a cow.

If you enlarge and read the picture below, it will tell you the history of the next 2 pictures. The little log cabin and the smoke house: these are right there in the same grassy area with the hands. In fact the sign below is the one Jimmy is reading in the wire hand.

The little log cabin...picture above and the smoke house picture below. The smoke house is that little log structure on the right.

Below is another log house that is currently being remodeled…or maybe I should say being rebuilt. It is on private property in Jackson County Kentucky (not here in town) and if I can remember where it was located exactly, I will stop and take pictures of its progress.
When I first glanced at this log house, I thought that it was being torn down…But then I noticed the new lumber on the roof. My guess is that it won’t look like a log house when finished. It will be interesting to see how it’s finished. All I can say is that it will cost more money to rebuild this than it would to just build a new house. It really must have some sentimental value to someone…Maybe it’s the old homestead.

I hope you enjoyed the ride today and maybe you can join me again sometime.

Today was the first day that we have had without rain and, it waited until we started home to start raining again. I had my first real experience in driving in the rain and it wasn't too bad except that we passed 2 rain related accidents. After the first accident and having to dodge broken glass & plastic pieces from 2 boats that had somehow collided, I decided to stop at a truck stop and wait for the rain to slack off...it only got worse. We ordered supper, ate it slowly, but it was still raining. I don't like driving at night, so we headed out in the rain again. I drove in and out of rain showers...and Jimmy kept asking me if I wanted him to drive and I kept thinking about his cataract...so you know what my answer was..."No thank you Honey, I'm okay."

We were about halfway home when we came across the second accident. In both the accidents we passed no one was hurt...just bent up cars and boats. And that's another reason I don't like to drive in the rain...too many accidents because of poor visability. The first reason is because we get water splashed on us and don't have any windshield wipers.


susan said...

You were brave to get out in that holiday traffic, so glad you avoided the accidents! Thanks for all your nice comments on my little piece of blogdom. Love the hands! Berea, Kentucky, isn't there a college there? It looks like a great place to live.

TUFFENUF said...

Thanks for the lovely tour. I don't know what's with the "hands" but I notice other cities have their little trademark characters. I think it started in Chicago with cows. Norfolk, Virgina has mermaids; Tampa, Florida has manatees. I guess they raise money with these projects, but sometimes they seem to go overboard!

Peter said...

Interesting little park Sandy, I like some sculptures.

PEA said...

You are so right...we often don't take the time to look at what's in our own back yard! A couple of years ago we brought a whole bunch of guests for a cruise on the Cortina around Lake Ramsey, which is right here in Sudbury...lived here all my life and had never been on the Cortina! lol I'm sure it was worrisome for Jimmy to find out he has a cataract but hopefully that can be taken care of real soon...mom has one too but they're just watching it for now until it gets bigger then they will operate. Hugs xoxo

Sue said...

Thanks for taking us on this ride with you Sandy!
I would not like driving in the rain either, especially in holiday traffic with no windshield wipers...

Franny said...

I find the sculptures a little creepy! I guess I don't have an eye for these things. The log cabin is adorable though. Love it!

Tim Rice said...

Excellent account of your ride around town. It's fascinating the ways we find to do art and how it catches on or not. Thanks.

Ava said...

I see your bike there in the background!!!!

The log cabin and smoke house are just awesome!

Hadn't thought about vehicles actually splashing water on you all when it's raining. That's the pits!!

Rachel said...

In that first picture it looks like Jimmy has his chin resting on that metal sign beside him! The hands must have a reason?? Here it's fish but most of them are at the visitor's center. Of course I figured that's because of the lake, but hands in Berea???

No rain here today. I got the lawn mowed and it was high! I'll have to go over it again in a day or so.

Love the little log cabin and smokehouse! It will be interesting to see the outcome of that log home they are redoing! You'll have to keep us posted.

Glad you made it okay in the rain. I wouldn't like driving in it either. Too risky. You are a safe driver Sandy!

Naturegirl said...

The homestead historical facts VERY INTERESTING!Thankyou!

doubleknot said...

Glad your rain stopped. In the driver's seat now huh? I am sure Jimmy is finding out how nice it is to stretch and take a look around. Great pictures.