Monday, October 09, 2006

America the Beautiful

Today was one of the prettiest days so far. It was sunny and warm enough that you didn't need a jacket or sweatshirt...just a T-shirt. My son Brian chose our route for today and I have to say that he chose one of the prettiest routes. It was through mountainous farmland and the trees were in their fall glory. We passed fresh cut hay fields and boy did they smell good. The farmers on their tractors all threw up their hands in friendly waves as we passed by. Today was just one of those days, you know the kind, where you feel like all's right with the world.

Today was not about speed...the roads were just too curvy and the scenery was just too beautiful to pass by it quickly. It was a scene that you just wanted to slow down and soak it all in. Of course the cars that lined up behind us didn't appreciate our leisurely ride...They were in a hurry to get somewhere else...missing out on what nature had to offer. In the straight-aways we would slow WAY down and let the cars pass and be on their merry way.

I was going to post some pictures of the things that we saw but blogger was having problems. I didn't take many pictures today and I also couldn't stop to take the most striking fall pictures because we were on a two-lane curvey road with no shoulders or pull-offs...Isn't that the way it always is? The best pictures are where you can't stop.

Let me tell you about the first road that we were on...or the first couple of roads. The roads were so narrow and without any dividing lines, and had an awkward slant to the outside making it very difficult for me to steer my bike. They also had unusual dips, & humps, that just wanted to throw you around...But don't worry, I was going so slow that nothing could toss me anywhere...Except of course a nudge from a car behind me to get me out of the way so he could get to work or wherever he was going. At one point on this very narrow road, we met several large dump trucks and I swear they only left enough room for a motorcycle to pass by them. That was a little tight and I was wondering what something as wide as a car would do. I guess if I was in a car on that road, I would just stop and let them pass. The reason I would stop is because we were on the outside lane of a hill with a very long way down and no guard rails. Brian didn't realize that I had never driven my bike on a narrow ledge (road) with no guard rails. I'm not afraid of heights, but I tried NOT to look down over the CLIFF where I would be if I made one false move. (Now I know why my shoulders got so tense!!!)

We stopped and rested by a creek where we ran into several people riding horseback. I did take pictures of the horses and 'lo and behold' Jimmy had a family connection to the riders. Everywhere we go, Jimmy will end up knowing someone they know and it doesn't matter what state of the union we're in either!!!

Later we stopped for supper on the banks of the Kentucky River...Brian chose the restaurant and we weren't sure if we wanted to eat there, since Brian picked it out. You see, Brian always picks out restaurants that look great and end up costing a small fortune and have bad food. But today, Brian struck gold and the food was good. While we were all sitting down waiting for our food, Jimmy jumped up and went over to the next table...He recognized an elderly couple who he had not seen in 50 years...(well something like that).

All in all the day was perfect...I didn't drive off the edge of a cliff. I told Jimmy when we got home that I was now ready to drive through the Great Rocky Mountains, with all its high winding cliffy roads or maybe even try highway 550 in Colorado...No not that one yet! Do you want to know why I'm not ready to drive Hwy. 550? Because the shoulders of that two lane road are 1000 feet down (or maybe further).

I just love retirement!!!


Rachel said...

Well Sandy it looks like you and Jimmy have been enjoying this weather to the max!! That is great! I was out yesterday and enjoying it too, but in the car. According to the weatherman we are about to get some colder stuff moving in.

Love the log house. It's coming right along. I loved the picture of Jimmy sitting on a cushion of air! Ha! Glad you got to go back to the falls again. It is pretty down there.

Sue said...

Sounds like a perfect day. I would not enjoy those roads with no guard rails!

Gary said...

Woman, you are having WAY too much fun.

Sorry you couldn't post any pictures. I love your travel pictures.

Anonymous said...

Great story Sandy, even without pictures.

jellyhead said...

I love to hear about your travels. (And now I wannna retire, too!)

susan said...

Glad you are enjoying the beautiful weather! We will be thinking about you retired folks while we are still slaving away...

Kerri said...

It's always fun reading about your travels. Sounds like you've been having a lovely time. Your descriptions are wonderful...I feel like I'm riding along with you...don't like those narrow roads when the big trucks come though...and the sound of those 1000 ft drop offs on 550? Not for me, no siree! We went over the Bighorn Mts once in a car, and oh boy, it was a long way down! Beautiful though.
Love your pictures and hope you can post some more soon.

The Four Bears in the Woods said...

The way you described our road trip yesterday is how I felt... that you just wanted to go slow and take in all that beauty God created. It was a perfect day. While we are riding I always say a prayer and thank God for his beutiful creations he gave us to enjoy.

And I had to laugh about what you said about Brian picking the restaraunt, sometimes he does tend to pick some that are not that great, but you know him... he likes to take risks wanting to try something different all the time..... and he did pick a winner yesterday! Sometimes I am glad he is a risk taker. :)

You did great driving, although I knew you were probably nervous because I was nervous just riding on the back! I couldn't imagine driving!!!! It sure was beautiful though.

I liked the way you described our day and we had a great time too!

Mama Bear

Kat Campbell said...

You are very brave to tackle those roads, but from your description it sounds like it was worth it! I love the smell of fresh cut hay.

HORIZON said...

Enjoyed your post and felt that l had been taken along for the ride.
Today although the weather was certainly not as nice, l nevertheless had moments to sit and take it all in. I truly felt at one with the place l was visiting- it is so good to get out there and enjoy life- not just rush pass it all in a car.
Take care of yourself
Bests for now, :)

Anonymous said...

I love retirement too!!! When I read about your travels, I want to get on the road. I will be taking some "band trips" for a while. When the season is over I HAVE to get my travel trailer on the road, even if I have to go by myself! Enjoy yourself on the bike; I see a lot of three wheeler motorcycles down here in Florida.