Monday, October 09, 2006

A Sunday Ride

We are so blessed to have such nice weather here in October. Today was a warm sunny day in the upper 70's. I even heard someone say that it was, "hot" today. Imagine that, considering that yesterday, riding was on the nippy side and we came home chilled to the bone.

We had frost last night...and that reminds me that I forgot to bring in my two palm trees, so I better make myself a note to check on them first thing in the morning.

As you can see from the picture above the leaves are on their good behavior and beginning to show more signs of fall. I just hope we don't have one of those windy thunderstorms that blows all the leaves off the trees at once, before they really show their colors.

Here's a little shop we stopped at. It was full of a bunch of crafty know the usual knick knacky stuff and some really nice quilts. The log cabin was real and even had an old screaky floor in it.

Right next to where I parked my bike, while visiting the above gift shop, Jimmy spotted a Persimmon Tree and brought me over some small persimmons to eat. I don't like them, but I gave one a try. It was nice and sweet but when I was completely finished with it suddenly my mouth puckered up and my tongue felt like it was coated with something yucky & dry...I looked in my mirror and my tongue was coated with something white that wouldn't even wash out with water. I had to scrape it off. Am I making you sick yet? I still don't like persimmons!!! I layed them on my fender to take the picture and they do look ripe.

Here's another picture of trees that I thought were pretty. Today we saw several areas that were breath taking, but there was no place to pull over and stop...So I couldn't take pictures to show you. Whenever we came to a pull off where we could stop, the trees were still green and without color changes.

We stopped by to check on the status of this old log house. I had posted this same picture on September 5, 2006 and said I would keep you posted on its progress.'s what it looks like so far. Red tin roof, some new windows and wood siding on the front. This is as close as I have gotten to this house and if I ever see anyone there, I'll ask them if I can take a closer look...but until then...this will have to do.


PEA said...

Oh how I would have loved that little shop...just the house alone would have caught my interest!! Love places like that! The trees are certainly starting to change in your neck of the woods...our trees are now almost all bare. That log house is certainly starting to take form and I loved seeing how far they've come with it!! Beautiful pictures! I've never tasted persimmons and now I don't think I ever want to!! lol

Tanya said...

I want to go to that craft shop. It looks so cute with the quilt hanging out the front. Looks like another great trip :)

Paige said...

What fun & such great weather for y'all. Glad the four bears are ok as the last couple/three times I have been over there, there was no new posting.

Pamela said...

Love fun crafty places like that! I would have loved to go with you. The persimmons look tasty. :) The cabin is coming along nicely!

Finn said...

Hi Sandy, it's me *VBS* Almost back to human and up and about more of the time..*S* Moving pretty slow, but movin'..LOL

Love the autumn pictures, and the little log re-worked place. What fun that would be!!
And persimmons..? Hmmmm I know I've read about them..but what was it?? I know I've never tasted one and don't think I'll start based on your description..LOL. So glad you and Jimmy had a good day out traveling. Big hugs my friend, Finn

Shelley said...

Persimmons intrigue me. I've never tasted them. But I've heard persimmon pudding is quite tasty. Nice photos. Thanks for sharing.

Kati said...

really enjoyed the photos of Kentucky and Cumberland Falls. My sister lives close by, in London, so I get to visit Kentucky once in a while and always enjoy it thoroughly! What a great place!

jellyhead said...

The craft shop looks cute, and I love that log cabin. Imagine living in it....I imagine it would feel really snug.

Glad you had another enjoyable ride, with warmer weather this time!