Sunday, October 08, 2006

It never got too warm

Yesterday we invited The Four Bears to join us in a ride...of course only three of them showed up. Brother Bear was spending his day off work relaxing with his new girlfriend. It never got really warm yesterday, staying around the upper 50's to lower 60ºF, so who could blame him for staying in where it was warm.

We had a great time, but I think I kept them out too late because I was freezing by the time I got home last night and it was beginning to get dark.
"I'm sorry I kept you out so long and I hope that you are all recovering from your ride, by just spending a relaxing day at home."

I seem to get carried away with our beautiful earth and just want to ride on forever and see everything that I can possibly see, within my means of course. I'm not rich so I can't go far, but watch out if I ever win the lottery...I'll be off riding in every nook & cranny I can find. That is I'll take every side road and hardly traveled trail. I've seen all the major tourist attractions in the U.S. several times except for Niagra Falls and I can't get Jimmy to even consider going there...Maybe I'll just have to take that trip with someone else sometime. And I bet if I plan the trip ahead of time, he will least I hope so. And if I win the lottery, I will also buy me a laptop, so that I can stay in touch with all my blogging buddies.

You might recognize this ride from my previous two posts because, I wanted to show them the changing leaves and took them on the same ride to Cumberland Falls...Unfortunately, the leaves hadn't changed much since my previous ride...Maybe just a teensy bit.

Here we are in the parking lot. We put the 3 bikes in two parking spaces. My bike and Brian's bike take up a lot of room. Brian & Reva have a sidecar on their bike and that's where Brandon rides.

NO...we aren't parked in a "Disabled" parking space...(although we might be considered a little mentally unstable???) just appears that way. There's a concrete divider and the disabled parking spaces are on the other side from where we are. I just thought this would make an interesting picture.

Look at Jimmy...He's sitting on a cushion of air. We were in the gift shop at the falls and when we came out I snapped a picture of him as he was getting up to join us.

Brandon, Reva & Brian caught in a moment of playfullness (I don't care if there isn't such a word, I'm using it anyway).

I was trying to get a picture of the three of them, but Brandon likes to be silly....after all he's only 12 years old and silly is his middle name. He's hiding behind his mom in this picture...his hands on her shoulders give him away. Oh...and did I mention that Brandon made the Honor Roll with straight A's on his report card. It seems that Brandon & his best friend Matthew are a couple of "smarty pants," to the delight of their parents...and of course Grandma!

What's stopping at a gas station without coming across a couple of beggars. Everytime we stop here we have to feed these two male pups...they're relentless and won't give up. They're also very sweet and have learned to approach every vehicle and person who rattles a chip bag...they know the sound of a wrapper being opened very well, no matter how quietly you try to open it.

I hope that you can click to enlarge this picture because it has a beautiful rainbow in it. The wind was blowing the spray from the falls and it felt like it was raining a heavy misty spray and through the sunlight you could see rainbows being formed with every gust of wind. It was really quite beautiful and of course we all got wet. I was kinda afraid to use my camera because it's not waterproofed, but I took the chance anyway and it still works...Well I haven't tried it today yet...but I will.

I hope you are out enjoying this beautiful Sunday afternoon or just staying home enjoying it with family.


Granny said...

The rainbow shows up nicely. Beautiful.

The Four Bears in the Woods said...

Thank you all so much for inviting us along and for such a great time! We enjoyed it a lot!!! We haven't been out in so long and it was so so nice to get out and enjoy the day. We had a great time. Hopefully we can do it again real soon.

If you want to go to Niagra Falls and we run into some money :)...... you are more than welcome to come along because that is what we would like to do on our next big trip and hopefully we can talk Jimmy into coming along too. :) Maybe we can bribe him with something to get him to go along.... wouldn't a bike ride be enough of a bribe? :)

Again, thanks for the lovely day.

Sue said...

Beautiful photos. I love the rainbow over the water. Glad you enjoyed the ride, it's still very warm here during the daytime...

Tammy said...

that was a beautiful picture of the rainbow!!
I'm glad you are out and about having a great is pretty here too...although they are calling for a rain/snow mixture by Friday

Tomas Dennis said...

What a beautiful rainbow. Motorcycle riding seems to be much cheaper than automobiles on the highway.

jellyhead said...

Thanks for sharing your trip photos with us, as well as your news.

And congratulations to your grandson for getting on the honour roll - that's a big achievement!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Ky Boo Girl...don't talk dirty like that!!! What do you mean rain/snow mixture by Friday???? It's too early for snow.

Jelly...We all told Brandon that he'd be wise to stay on the honor roll if he wants to go to college on a Scholarship.

Mama Bear...I'm sure Jimmy would go along if we all just jumped on our bikes and said, "lets go."
That's sweet of you to offer to pay our way and you don't know how much that means to me. You guys are so thoughful.

somershade said...

Sounds like a fun time was had for all.We road to winchester to get my bike and it was a little nippy comeing home,but beautiful day for a ride.
Zac and Megan want to go to the Falls,we should all go up together next summer.The whole bunch of us.
Nice rainbow shot.Pretty

PEA said...

You ever get to Niagara Falls, let me know and I'll meet you there:-) I love going there and always cross onto the States side to go to the casino there! Is there a reason Jimmy won't go to Niagara Falls? It's so very beautiful!! Your pictures are all so gorgeous and sounds like a wonderful day of riding!!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Pea...if we ever head in that direction I'll let you know in advance so we can plan something like a get-together.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Somershade...I wish we could ALL get together and ride to the falls along with Zac & Megan too. I think that would be an AWESOME trip.

somershade said...

Sounds like heaven!!