Sunday, November 19, 2006


Everything didn't go as planned yesterday...but we did make it to the airport to pick up Chad & his son Blake. We were told that Blake was 6 weeks old...that was a mistake. Blake is a 5 month old cutie pie. Below Blake and his great-grandma are waiting for the luggage to appear.
The airlines wanted to charge them extra for Blake's car seat & extra $100, but then finally let them board and waived the fees. They will be staying one whole week, away from mommy. Below Jimmy is pictured talking to Chad while we wait for the luggage.
Before boarding their flight in Orlando, Florida, Chad had to mix the baby's formula in a bottle in front of the security people, give the baby a drink of the formula and throw away the rest of the water.

By the time we got ready to leave the airport Blake was hungry, so we had to make a quick stop to buy some water. We were hungry too, so we stopped and ate before we got home. By this time, we had missed Erica's baby shower. Sorry Erica.

We also didn't make it to the arts & crafts fair, but there was a message on my machine when we got home from Brian. He said to come out and watch him make a we did. I was covered in woodchips from head to toe and we were going to a silent auction on our way home. Brian blew me off with some kind of air hose before I left. Jimmy was smart enough to stay out of reach of the woodchips. Brian tried to get me to have a go at working on the bowl, but I was afraid I'd ruin it for him...Maybe next time.
We made it to the silent auction. The money raised will go directly to orphaned children in Haiti. Have you ever heard Jimmy scream! Well, I haven't either, but he did chase me around, trying to keep the pen out of my hands. *LOL* I bid on several things and the picture above is what I won the bids on. I was just going to bid on this wonderful little level called a FatMax XTREME Magetic level with an angle finder made by Stanley....I love tools. I guess you could say I have a tool fetish.

I won the bid on the level, by the way. The red paper is a $25 gift certificate to Ryan's Restaurant and the white letter head is to be presented to the bank for a $50 savings bond.

Kids...don't be surprised if one of the items above turns up as one of your Christmas presents. *LOL* But not the level!!!


Sue said...

I am so behind on reading! My bloglines isn't working at all, and I have come to rely on that to see new posts :(
What a cutie pie your little grand nephew is. Amazing the paces they put us through for security purposes. Looks like you cleaned up at the silent auction and such a great cause..
I would have loved to have seen some of the crafts for discounted prices!

Rachel said...

What a cute baby!!

I would have liked to have seen you covered in wood chips. Why didn't you let them take a picture of you like that??? Huh?? Huh???

I like the items you bid on. A bird feeder and bird house too!! Neat!! I can't imagine Jimmy "screaming." I did not know that you had an addiction for tools!! Who would have ever thunk it???? :)

PEA said...

The baby sure is a cutie must have been surprised to see him older than you thought he was! lol Great job on the silent auction...has Jimmy recovered yet??? lol My dad was a carpentar in his spare time and I remember him always being covered in sawdust...he had more tools than a store, you would have been in seventh heaven! lol Enjoy your company and your lovely prizes:-) xox

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful boy! I love 'em that age, especially. Don't you?

Looks like you found some nice things at the auction. I liked that bird house (the one with multiple bird abodes) very much. I will have to see about copying that idea!
Have a wondrful Thanksgiving!
God bless.

Franny said...

Oh what a cutie! Blake's crooked little smile made my day!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving (as you know, we already had ours in October!!)

Kerri said...

Blake is a little cutey. What a treat for great grandma :)
What fun to watch Brian make the bowl. I too would've loved to see a pic or you covered in sawdust, or being cleaned up with the blower :)
I think it's a good thing you didn't get to the craft show. Jimmy might've had a pink fit! No, I can't imagine him screaming. Love all your goodies, especially the bird houses and feeder. That's a neat level. So, what do you do with all your tools?

Kerri said...

Goodness, you are going to be a busy pair. I'm very envious of your weather forecast. Ours won't be anywhere near that. It was about 35┬║here today. Brrr. But you had more snow that we did.
Yes, it looks pretty. That's our consolation I guess. Bet Jybow didn't want to go out and play in it!
Happy birthday to Jimmy for the big 7-0!!!!