Thursday, December 07, 2006

Doubleknot comes to the rescue

I put my Christmas Tree up yesterday, but it was missing something...something red. I had planned on buying some small red ornaments the next time I went shopping, maybe later today...but I just hadn't gotten around to it yet when Jimmy came in with the mail and to my surprise, there was a package from Doubleknot. When I opened the padded envelope up...there was the red that I needed for my tree. Doubleknot had crochetted and sent me 6 small red & white Christmas stockings for my tree. Thank you Doubleknot, you are SO SWEET and I will treasure these little stockings forever. Doesn't my tree look pretty now!!!

What a perfect day it has been...It started with a nice snowfall that covered the ground and turned my world white & pure...and then the gift from Doubleknot. Our neighbors, on all sides, have outside Christmas decorations that looked so much more Christmasy than usual today with the blanket of snow. The temps are above freezing, so the snow won't be here much longer, so I'll enjoy it while it lasts. It seems that I am about the only person around here that has always loved snow...You see, where I come from we didn't have snow, so it's a real treat for me. I came from Southern California, from a dry arid climate and desert heat.


Tammy said...

I love your tree and the stockings do just set it off...I need to visit Ms. Doubleknot, she sounds like a good friend to you!

Sue said...

Love those little red stockings! Lucky you!
A California girl that loves snow? (well I don't mind visiting it, but no way would I want to live in it!)
But I'm glad it's there if you really like it!

Rachel said...

Love your Christmas tree!!! It's pretty!! The red stockings are perfect!!

We got some snow this morning too. Looked like a blizzard some of the time. Sure makes it more Christmasy like to me! Of course it left soon but still...pretty while it lasted. Very cold tonight though.

Loved your previous post about PJ. I know how hard it is to lose a pet we love.

Alipurr said...

the stockings are so cute on the tree. We had a light dusting of snow in the morning, too, and the girls and I loved it. My parents came to visit, and I joked that Grandpa must have brought the snow from his house, because it was already snowing there very early in the morning.

susan said...

What a great surprise! The stockings are just what you needed, both for your tree, and for the warm feeling you felt when receiving the special gift.

Anonymous said...

Now that's something to dance about, a sweet and loving friend that would send you a wonderful hand made surprise in the mail. Hip hip hooray!
She is sweet!The stockings are a treasure and fit perfecrtly on your tree.Love is in the air!:)

PEA said...

Oh Sandy, I love your tree!! What a delightful surprise for you to receive these gorgeous handmade stockings and yes, they are perfect on your tree:-) I agree with you, it makes such a difference to outside Christmas decorations when there's snow on the's been very cold over here the last few days...I think it's 3F here right now!! Lots of snow on the ground too:-)

Kerri said...

Adorable! How sweet of Doubleknot to send you that lovely gift. The stockings are a perfect addition to your cute little tree. What a blessing to have such thoughtful friends...and snow too! I'm glad you're enjoying it.
I love to look at it but don't like the cold that comes with it. And I hate to drive in it!