Friday, December 08, 2006

I'm where is Santa?

Just seventeen days til Christmas.
Just seventeen days to wait.
I can hardly wait to see what I get,
on this Christmas day.

My stockings are hung,

in the window with care

cause I don't have a chimney...

and I don't think he cares.

My gingerbread man is dancing with glee.

He's happy he's out of the closet & free.

Daisy, our cat, is keeping watch

for the fat man in red,

who arrives with reindeer

pulling a sled.

The tree is lit and all aglow...

and all that is missing

are new shiny toys.

My table is set,

waiting for guests.

Just bring out the fudges

and the banana breads too.

Christmas cookies, roast turkey & ham

are just a few of the delights,

that will be on hand.

And of course...

We must'nt forget the REAL reason we celebrate Christmas!


Sue said...

I loved seeing all your decorations!
Daisy will be the first to stop the man in red from her vantage point!

Rachel said...

Wow, looks like you are all set and ready for Santa!! If you put out milk I'm sure Daisy and the others might drink it before Santa gets there!!

Lovely decorations!! Sounds like some yummy food is going to be served too!! :)

Tammy said...

I love the way that you did this Sandy!!
BTW...son has adopted kittens but guess who gets to kitten~sit>>>

Anonymous said...

Looks like you're ready! I love your Santa stocking!

jellyhead said...

Oh, yes, the real reason.....


Anonymous said...

Your decorations are great! I also like the little red stockings from Doubleknot! You are as excited as a little kid! No doubt how much you like Christmas!

PEA said...

I just LOVE all your decorations and the way you have everything set up!! Wish I could come over, I'd be spending all my time admiring everything! hehe Very well written poetry too dear Sandy!! Much love xox

Kerri said...

Absolutely, we must remember 'the reason for the season'. Such a sweet nativity. Your decorations are so pretty. I especially love the cute stocking. Do you suppose Daisy will invite Santa in, or hiss at him?
You're quite the poet
sandy dear :)
Since you're all ready could you come and help me? I'm way behind!

Laura said...

Enjoyed these pics Sandy, your house looks warm and comfy, definitely ready for Christmas!!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE it! What a great idea. I think I will copy you.

Sorry to be gone for so long. Just too busy for words. Hope all is well.

Hattigrace said...

I don't know how that came up as from anonymous, but above comment is me!!

susan said...

Love your decorations, and Christmas poem! You are so talented!

Great pictures through the mirror.

kat said...

What a fun poem! Your decorations look beautiful, I love the gingerbread man.

marsha said...

Wow how beautiful those decorations are. very lovely.

Zoey said...

I love that elf! You have just reminded me that I did not bring out any of my elves this year. I might have to go dig a few out this weekend.