Sunday, December 10, 2006

Who dunnit???

This afternoon Brian called and asked if we'd care to come by and help him with a little firewood...he doesn't have a truck anymore and we were just being couch & mouse potatoes anyway, so off we went to pick him up. We headed on over to Peanut's house, that's Jimmy's daughter and my step-daughter. She had a large oak tree that had fallen over and had told Brian that he could have it. So off we went.
We parked in Peanut's driveway...she lives about a quarter mile from Brian, if that. The tree was across a wet ditch and up a hill. I thought this would be easy, but I soon found out how slippery those leaves really are. I hung on to those little trees and tried to pull myself along, sliding backwards a few times and once I even fell into the wet ditch. Once up to the tree I helped Brian & Jimmy throw the wood down the hill...We had to throw it twice to get it all the way down & then load it into the trailer. Today I was tired for some unknown reason and really wasn't that much help...but I did what I could. I think we were all a bit tired or maybe it was just the cold air.
We didn't work long, only cutting up a branch or two of the large oak. See our small pile in the trailer? There was a special play at the church, starting at 6 p.m., and Brian, Reva & Brandon had planned on going to it...and the hill had worn me out anyway...I was ready to quit. Thank goodness Brandon & Reva were there to help unload the wood when we got to Brian's. It didn't take long with everyone helping. I told Brandon that he was coming with us next time, when we finish cutting up the tree because we "old folk" need some young person to help us out. *LOL* He didn't act to enthused about my request. He's 12 and almost a teenager.
On the way home we stopped and picked up a pizza and I took this picture while in traffic of the beautiful sunset. It was much prettier, but taking the picture through my dirty windshield didn't help it any.
When we left the house, the stockings looked like this...But when we walked in, with pizza in hand, the stockings were scattered all over the floor and my curtain rod was slightly bent. Well I can't complain too much, at least they stayed up there untouched for 4 whole days. Nothing else was touched...thank goodness.
Jybow is my first suspect and she looks all tuckered out like she's been working hard on something...But I can't be sure it was her because Daisy is looking very suspicious too!!!
Or maybe it was this suspicious looking bunch...they look pretty guilty...Look at their faces! and tell me that they don't look like they just got caught with their hands on the curtain rod?


Gary said...

Nice story and great pictures. I always love your pictures.

Sue said...

I'd say almost any one of the suspicious looking characters could have been at your stockings!
You better rest a bit after all that work today Sandy!

Anonymous said...

I think the cat is doing Yoga...or Jane Fonda.

Cheyenne said...

At least now I know why there will be no tree or decorations going up at our house this year. What with two 4-month-old kittens, it ain't gonna happen. Don't want to tempt fate.

HORIZON said...

lol- it wasn't me!
Always enjoy your posts Sandy. That sunset was indeed stunning. The camera does not do it justice. Many times when hubby and l have been out for a walk l will see the most beautiful sky so l snap the pic but when l upload it at home it never looks as good.
You did well to get that wood, will help see you through the winter- at least for a few days :)

doubleknot said...

One thing I miss living in the city is the smell of wood smoke. Glad you all got some wood.
Oh I remember those days with kids and pets attacking the tree and decorations - for years our tree was anchored to the wall so they wouldn't tip it over and only non breakable ornaments were usued. Moocher show no interest at all in our tree so that is good. The kids are big enough they don't mess with it so I can put all my angels - well almost all - it is a small tree. Love your pictures.

PEA said...

Yup, I think it's that last bunch that did it....look at their blank stares, looking so innocent..they can't fool me!! hehe I laughed when you said Brandon didn't look too enthused about having to help next time with the wood...typical kid! lol

Anonymous said...

i can't wait to come up and see every one

Anonymous said...

i can't wait to come up and see every one

Anonymous said...

They do look very guilty in there little eyes.But I vote it was the one rolling in the floor laughing.

Pretty sunset,I love them.

Kate said...

I loved looking at your pics! The only thing I know about MAdison County is the t.v. movie with tht name? Is it the same Madison? LOL

my vote is the "fat cat" who done it!

(Im here via somershade)

Rachel said...

Kate, I can tell you it's NOT the same Madison County as the book!! That book/movie was about Madison County, Iowa.

Great pictures Sandy. Glad you weren't hurt when you fell in the slick leaves! I'd say the culprit is the one on the floor all stretched out!! He's probably relaxing after having a fun time swinging on your curtains and getting the stockings down.

Tammy said...

LOL Sandy...on the suspected curtain climers...Clarence tried to crawl up a sheer this morning...naughty kitten!!
I keep waiting for him to attack my wee Christmas tree!!

LZ Blogger said...

Sandy ~ The problem with being almost a teenager is... they don't get any BETTER after they are teenagers! ~ jb///

Kerri said...

Yes, Sandy, I'll have to vote for the culprit rolling on the floor too, but all those beady little eyes certainly do look suspicious :)
I think it's the time of year that makes us tired. There's so much extra to do. I hope you're not coming down with something.
Horizon is right, photographs rarely do justice to a beautiful sunset. I take pictures of them too and am never very satisfied with the results. I love to see them though. Yours is lovely.
I mailed your parcel yesterday!! Finally!
Hope those lovely stockings weren't damaged!