Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Callie's temporary home

Below the arrow on the shower door is Callie's temporary home. You can see the pet carrier through the glass. The bathroom is still usable and Callie doesn't seem to mind anyone in there. She feels protected and hidden and the carrier can be lifted out if needed.
Here is Callie and she looks like she really loves her new home indoors. We have two litter boxes on separate ends of the house and I showed her one of them and like the good kitty that she is, we have witnessed her using it. The litter box that I showed her is on the opposite end of the house and Jimmy wanted to know why I didn't show her the one that is closest to her...And the reason is because the closest one is a covered litter box and when she first came in last week prior to giving birth, she wanted to lay in that box.
Here are the 5 day old kittens. They both appear to be solid black right now. Of the two that didn't make it one was colored white with orange patches like Daisy and the other was a black/white tuxedo.
Jybow has a few things to say about Callie's temporary home. "Callie terrorised me when I was a kitten and don't think that I haven't forgotten that! I'm the top cat in this house now."
On another note: I just heard the wonderful news that the missing 12 year old boyscout has been found alive after being lost since Saturday in the wilderness, forested mountains of North Carolina. The first night the temperature dropped to 20ºf...brrrrr. He wasn't far from the wilderness campsite where his boyscout troop setup their camp and I'm wondering why it took so long to find him, (if that's true that he wasn't but a mile and a half away) but I'm glad they did and I know that his parents are ecstatically happy that he is okay.
My grandson Brandon's troop also went camping this weekend and they said Saturday night was soooo cold that they thought they were going to freeze...and they were honkered down in sleeping bags, in a tent and with a hot campfire nearby. Brandon is also 12 and when I first heard about the missing boyscout, I was very uneasy not knowing who it was that was lost & where. Brandon was camping in a wilderness campsite too, with his boyscout troop, but in Kentucky along with his mom & dad.


PEA said...

I'm back:-) I really missed all of you and am now trying to get caught up with everyones' news! I see you became a kitty grandma while I was away!! lol Callie certainly does seem to like having the carrier in the tub...how sad that the tom cat killed two of the kittens:-( Hopefully the others will do just fine! I love kittens, wish they stayed that size! lol My son & Wendy have 3 cats so was having fun playing with them:-) xox

Rachel said...

I'm glad Callie is inside and safe from harm, her and her babies!

That is truly a wonderful picture of Jybow!!!

Cheyenne said...

God bless Callie.

Kerri said...

Such cute babies :) I love to see momma cats with their babies. Such content on their faces.
I hope all the kitties will adjust to each other. That Jybow is a mouthy one :)
Yes, that was great news about the boyscout. What an ordeal for the poor boy suffering through such brutal cold. I can't even bear to think about it.
His family must be so thankful!