Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring-ing into action

A brisk walk around the yard today tells me that Spring has finally arrived...and boy am I happy about that! It's a sunny, almost cloudless, day and 74ยบ f. at this moment. What more could you ask for in a day like today.
The daffodils are happy and although I like them planted in heavy clumps, these around the trees have managed to survive. I thought I had dug these bulbs all up but apparently I missed some and they managed to bloom despite being cut down.
Jimmy and the weedeater are notorious for cutting them down and that's why I moved them to a safer location. And planted here they leave the yard looking a bit unkempt when we mow. I prefer them in a flowerbed mixed in with other flowers.
Here's a small clump that is doing nicely among the rocks.

Despite having a heavy frost, somehow these plum blossoms were spared. There are some that have turned brown but, a majority are still blooming. I was surprised to see so many bees on the blossoms because the masses of bees have been absent for some time and it's nice to see that they are doing well once again. There is still a danger of frost, but with two plum trees heavy with blooms we should get at least a couple of plums...we'll just have to wait & see.
This is a close-up of the plum blossoms.

The daylillies are green again. They sprouted in December and were then bitten by the cold weather in January or February and died down. I think they are safe now.

This is a succulent that stays green all year. It has started to grow, now that Spring is here, among the rocks near our watergarden. I put one little sprig under some pebbles to see if it would grow there and it seems to have taken root. The grass was over-taking it where it had been and I had to do something. It looks nice growing in the rocks.

This is a Forsythia flower and below the bush is about ready to burst into full bloom.

This is a peach tree with many buds getting ready to burst into beautiful pink blossoms.
We also have two different cherry trees, that bloom later and the grape arbor doesn't show any signs of budding yet. I'm a little worried about it, but surely every grapevine didn't die all at once. Jimmy says it's not time yet and I hope he's right because I'd hate to lose our grapes.

Isn't it amazing what a little warmth & sunshine do for our plants and our spirits? Everyday the leaves on the trees will get larger and the sun will get hotter. I think this is beginning to be my favorite time of year...a time of rebirth.


PEA said...

Huh! 74 degrees??? Not fair I tell ya. It's 34 here with freezing rain...make room, I'm moving in with you!! hehe Your Spring flowers are delightful and I can't get over how much everything is blooming up your flowerbeds are still under snow so I can't tell yet if anything is starting to come up at all. xox

Sandy said...

Pea...Come on over. There's plenty of room for you and I hope that you like to ride motorcycles because, I have an empty, very comfortable back seat that is waiting for someone who likes to travel.

Alice said...

Nothing like daffodils and blossom for bringing the feeling of Spring time. I hope it's a wonderful season for you.

Kerri said...

It's so wonderful to see your cheerful spring blooms. Thank you, thank you!
Glad the plums made it through. That's great news.
I'm suffering some serious envy here...but things are looking up. We've had a couple of nice warm days (rain yesterday) and we do have snowdrops blooming!