Thursday, March 29, 2007

Let the games begin....

"Com'on and fight Big boy!"

"Can't you HEAR...or are your ears full of cotton?"

"What did you say, squirt?"

"I said, get up and fight you big chicken!!!"

"Take that."

"Run you little coward!!"

And the little red guy is down for the count.

The little crawdad wasn't hurt in any way in taking these pictures. The cat was afraid to make full contact with it because of it's extremely large pinchers. They do pack a punch and can draw blood. They live in the ground in our yard and used to make 6 inch high muddy mounds of dirt all over our yard, until we had our yard tiled. The mounds, when baked by the sun, turn into stone hard mounds that would dull our lawnmower blades and sounded like I had hit a rock. Although the mounds no longer exist, the crawdads still live under ground and rarely come out unless it rains bucket-fulls, like it did yesterday.


Susie said...

Don't some people eat those, or am I confusing them with something else?
Glad no one got hurt, those claws look to be fierce!

Motherkitty said...

We have those also in our yard. In fact, they have made tunnels everywhere in the back corner of the lot. Yes, people eat them (can you say YUCK????), especially down in New Orleans.

Tammy said...

Loved it!!
and yep I do feel like my ears are full of cotton...sigh!!

Val said...

I'm sure the cat would have long regretted playing with the crawfish if those pincers had latched onto its nose!

PEA said...

Goodness...I'm so glad we don't have them things living in our yard! lol Actually I don't think we have crayfish anywhere except for the lakes and even then I think I've only seen one once! Love the pictures...the cat doesn't seem to impressed or excited about it! lol xox

Gary said...

It is a good thing that crawdad wasn't hurt. I would have turned you in to PITA for sure. LOL

Brandy said...

How funny!

I found your blog through Felicia's blog and I must say, what a find! I'll definitely be back.

Thanks for the laugh.

doubleknot said...

Learned something new - I had no idea that crawdads could live under ground. My only experience with them is in water and on a plate - yummy.

Rachel said...

I'm glad it wasn't hurt. You could have had crawdad pie!!! Ha!!

They like you if they live underground in your yard!

HORIZON said...

lol- glad to see there was no one hurt in the making- great shots! :)
Hope all well- love to Sharon plz too.

andrea said...

uuuummmm; i do love those mud bugs. Used to catch them in the creek in Menifee and play w/them; then went to family's in Louisiana and found how yummy they are! Always love your posts Sandy, talk garry into doing one! :-) Love, A

Peter said...

Hi Sandy, guess it's only the name crawdad that confused me I thought they only lived in water ie crawfish.

Kerri said...

These pictures are the best Sandy, especially the last one. Hoppalong finally took up the challenge. How funny :) Love your captions!
I too thought crawfish only lived in the water. See, you've taught me something else :)
With the river just below our farm we have geese too. I love to see them fly and listen to them honking on the river.
I enjoyed your visit :)
That's a great photo of the bridge!