Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Hair and my camera lens

Tonight I'm off to the sleep clinic again to spend another night there and this time I will be wearing that dreaded air-mask strapped to my face all night long. I'm not looking forward to this at all...I remember how it felt to just try it on the last time I was there. If you open your mouth to talk while you have it on, you sort of have to gasp for's like it kind of takes your breath away for an instant, so you shut your mouth up really quick. I sometimes talk in my sleep and I hope I don't do that tonight or I'll wake up really scared and disoriented for just a moment while gasping for air. The respiratory therapist said you can jerk the mask off really quick without taking the time to unfasten it, but it hurts your ears as it tears them off your head.

The reason I took my picture again...and doesn't the mirror look really clean this time...Jimmy also cleaned all the mirrors in the house. Getting back to why I snapped the pictures was because I wanted to show you my new haircut. The kids like my hair longer, but I keep it short because it's just so much easier to take care of and Jimmy says I don't have to primp as much each time we stop on the bike. I used to do a lot of complaining about my helmet-hair and the tangles I would get...Now I get neither....I don't wear a helmet and my hair's too short to tangle.

Well, getting back to my haircut. I asked my daughter Sharon to give me a good haircut, you know to make me look better, but it seems she wasn't paying close attention as she was cutting my hair. She spent a lot of time talking to Jimmy as she cut and I think she cut the wrong hairs off. Look at the picture below and you can clearly see, you may have to enlarge it....
LOOK...she left the gray! If she is going to satisfy her customers, she needs to cut the gray hair out and leave the darker shades alone. In the first picture, when I stood farther back from the mirror it just looked like my hair was turning a lighter color around the sides, close to my ears, but after close inspection it looks like I'll have to pay Sharon another visit to the salon...And this time I'm sure she'll suggest that maybe I start coloring my hair. The hairs she left aren't really a gray color, but white, so I may just wait a little longer just to see what happens....
OR maybe I'll just call her tomorrow to see when she can fit me in, since there is a High School Reunion get-together early in May.

Are you wondering about the camera lens or did you already forget about my post title? It's nothing major. While taking these pictures in front of a clean mirror, on some of the pictures I could see that the lens was full of dust specks...and I mean A LOT of dust specks. So mirrors are good for something beside snapping pictures in front of and admiring my new haircut.


"Early Bird" said...

I bet Sharon didn't charge you what I got charged the other day....
I know it's extreme...but I got a really good cut for a change...and the gal suggested I get it colored next time, so you aren't!
Thanks so much for your words of support today!
Love YOU!!

Susie said...

Aren't you lucky to have Sharon to cut your hair! You could just call those white hairs "highlights"!

Val said...

The cut is great! And to echo Susie, who might have got the idea from a recent post of mine (My retirement hair), the greys after a while do look like highlights or tips. But I think you have a long while to reach that stage. I hate to say this but it's a losing battle to cut out the greys. Tinting is the way to go if you don't want any greys for now.

Rachel said...

Good luck with the sleep thing. I hate the thought of you ripping your ears off. Major ouch, plus you'd look strange without ears!!

I read the previous post. Jimmy sure is handy to have around isn't he? All that cleaning!! So glad you fed the poor man afterwards!!!

When it's rainy outside and cold like it's been for the past couple of days I just like to do nothing! I get more in the cleaning moods on sunny days.

PEA said...

It's now Monday morning and you've been to the sleep clinic...anxious to hear how it went since you were having some issues with the air mask! Hopefully you still have ears...need ears to rest your glasses on ya know! hehe

You cracked me up about the clean mirror but dusty camera lens...tell Jimmy from now on he also has to dust your camera lens! lol

I love your haircut...white and all! lol Why is it when men have white hair they look distinguished but when we women have white hair we look OLD???????

Hugs xoxo

Kerri said...

Egads! That Sharon will have to start paying closer attention! But how nice to have your own personal family hairdresser!
Never mind, a little hair color will fix the white :) But I like the highlight idea, don't you?
Jimmy inspired me to do a little cleaning today. What a guy! That mirror has such a shine :)
We survived the snow storm! It was actually very pretty..and school was closed..again! Imagine this much snow in the middle of April! My daffodils are buried, but it's melting fast.

doubleknot said...

Love your haircut. Don't color your hair those white ones we are getting are our badges of honor. And you can always lay a guilt trip on your kids by telling them they are turning your hair white.