Saturday, April 14, 2007

Rain isn't so bad, sometimes

Today it’s been raining even harder and steadier than it did on Thursday. It looks like we’re having a monsoon out here so I won’t dare take my camera outside and try to take any pictures. I don’t want my lens to get all wet and all spotty looking. There are puddles and standing water everywhere…I think I finally got my lake front property.

Since it’s raining so hard and he can’t work out in the yard or tinker in one of his buildings, Jimmy decided that it’s a good day to do some house cleaning. Yesterday he did the laundry and while he was outside mowing and weed-eating the yard, my job was to keep watch on the dryer and hang up the jeans as soon as they dried. I swear…I never heard the dryer alarm go off and that’s what I told Jimmy. Of course, he didn’t believe me but, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

It’s hard to take a picture of Jimmy cleaning…most of the pictures are hazy or blurry because he moves so fast. But I love the way he cleans, he gets under everything and he even lifts things out of the way. Just because I moved the new kittens into my computer room so I can be closer to them, he wouldn’t bring the vacuum cleaner in there. I told him I would hold them while he cleaned in there, but he said he’d skip my room today and I could clean it later. I guess that’s fair.
I didn’t get a picture of him mopping the floors…I guess I was playing with the kittens.
But I did get a picture of him dusting…he hates to dust but somebody’s got to do it. He doesn’t like the way I dust because I like to use that little feather duster thing and he says it just spreads the dust around and really doesn’t pick it up. It just moves it from here to there.

Here he is doing the finishing touches to the house. He likes to polish all the furniture, all the picture frames hanging on the walls and anything that is made of wood.…See his reflection on the table. Well, it’s not of him, but of his hand that’s covered with one of his white socks.

When he was done, I took him out for lunch so that he didn’t have to take the time to cook and then have dishes to do afterwards. You know we have to keep our men happy and reward them sometimes for all their hard work and a good meal out to my favorite restaurant just seemed like the right thing to do. He won’t have to cook or do the dishes tonight either because we are going out to eat with Peanut & Laura. Peanut is Jimmy’s daughter…her real name is Jimmie, with an 'ie', so instead of having to explain which Jimmie we’re talking about we just call her Peanut.

I bet you’re wondering what I do around here besides play with the kittens??? I make the bed around this lazy cat every morning. That’s my job.


LZ Blogger said...

Sandy ~ I love the lunch... I better go get something to eat SOON! ~ jb///

judypatooote said...

Sandy you crack me you think that it's in the name Jimmy, that urge to clean all the time....because my hubby's name was also Jimmy.....and he was cleaning all the time....when the girls left a hair clip on the counter, whoose, off it went into the garbage.....he would pledge the wooden doors, and I would walk by and whoose, I would be on the floor, because the pledge floated down on the floor, and i always managed to slip on it.....he also loved to cook, and he was great at it.....your story is so cute, and it makes me homesick for my hubby to be around cleaning again.... he also used comet like it was going out of style.....and let it set, then an hour later, he would come in and wipe it down.....I don't think I have pledged the doors since he died....and that was 12 years ago.....but they still open and close, and I can't really see any difference......well thanks for the memory, and the pictures of your Jimmy.......

Diane J. said...

Could you please tell me where I can get one of those Jimmy things? I really could use one. My Lamar is out of order, I think, LOL! ;D

We've had 6 inches of rain here since Tuesday and it looks like we've had a monsoon here. It's 46* right now and it looks like that's going to be the high for today. Brrrr!! Chilly and damp and gloomy, oh my!

I've enjoyed my visit here, Sandy. Feel free to visit and comment at my place anytime.

Have a great weekend! :-)

"Early Bird" said...

We did our cleaning this morning then went and did a little shopping...a real yuck day, should have stayed home...we are at this moment having a rain/snow/sleet mixture falling strait down...sigh!

jellyhead said...

Sandy, you've said it yourself but I can't help repeating it - you're a lucky woman!!

The lunch looks scrumptious :)

PEA said...

Do you hire him out????? hehe Oh Sandy, you're such a hoot!! I do all the cleaning around here but with no kids or pets, it stays pretty clean all the time so I don't have to do it often! lol It was actually a fairly nice day here today, sunshine and around 32F...there's hope for Spring yet!!!! xoxo

Susie said...

Jimmy looks like a real keeper.
Bill's real good about helping out too. Actually we do it together as it then leaves us both more time for fun!!
Vincent loves to crawl up on the bed as I'm trying to make it around him.
He just can't wait till I have the covers pulled up!!

Kerri said...

You are just the sweetest wife, taking Jimmy out to lunch so he wouldn't have to cook and wash dishes after his busy morning.
I hope you don't disturb that poor cat too much when you make the bed.
It's good of you to take time to play with the kittens. It's not an easy job, but someone has to do it.
Truly Sandy, I envy you that house-cleaning husband. Just think, if I could get mine to do that I could spend more time visiting my blog friends every day!
Enjoy your lake front property and thanks for the chuckle.
It's been great fun :)
That lunch looks so delicious!

Val said...

Wow, a man who does the cleaning AND is a looker too!

You're a lucky ducky (nice tie in to previous post?).

Also lucky for getting rain. Send some down here please.

Peter said...

Hi Sandy, seems you both got a good deal when you met up.

doubleknot said...

Jimmy is a keeper. Steve used to get into a cleaning mood and you just got out of his way - he still does but can't do as much with his arm hurt. Unlike you I leave Steve's bed alone he makes it pretty good with one arm. We just had a really hard rain and I am expecting more but we need it.

Floridacracker said...

Wow those shrimp look good!

Hattigrace said...

What a guy! And what a cat!

Hey, thanks for checking on me. I have not been much of a friend for a few months.

I think I will be more present now!