Friday, April 13, 2007

Never make promises

"Mommy, can I keep this little duck
in my bedroom?
Remember you said,
I could have a pet in my room
if I wanted."
This is a picture from the past of Megan, Zac's little sister. Isn't she adorable with her big duck? Megan must have been around 2 years old in this picture. I don't know if you can see our dog Rocky standing in front of her, in the picture, but she's there. Megan didn't really say those words, I quoted above, they just seemed fitting for the picture. Sharon sent me some pictures of Megan with her various pets to use in my Catzilla and Friends blog, but I wanted to show this one here because I thought she looked so cute with that great big duck. I'm sure it had a name...all her pets had names but I can't remember what it was.
Well today was Friday the 13th and I told Jimmy that Friday the 13th has always been a lucky day for me. Nothing bad or out of the ordinary happened, even though I had two black cats cross my path, in front of me, behind me and they even climbed on me with a little help, hehehe. They were Callie's 4 week old black kittens. The day's not over yet...I still have 2 hours and 10 minutes to go. How did your day go? I hope that you didn't break any mirrors or step on any cracks and break your grandmother's back, OUCH...that would sure be bad luck!
I'd better stop while I'm ahead and say, goodnight, because I'm starting to ramble on & on. I think I got up too early this morning. Thank you Sharon for my haircut, but isn't hair supposed to make you wise? The more you have, the wiser you are? I think you cut off too much...I'm not feeling very wise at the moment. I think I'll go to bed. Just one more hour and 53 minutes to go....I should be asleep by then.


Peter said...

Hi Sandy, I wish you hadn't brought up that hair/wise subject, I have a very limited supply of hair now and what I do have I keep trimmed VERY short so I guess that puts me in the DUMB-ASS group... sigh.

doubleknot said...

Friday the 13th wasn't bad for me but was for the men installing the fiber optics for my phone. From the cable not being ready to being unable to finish one last little connection the job seemed to be jinxed. Hair cuts - I am wondering if I should get one now or just hope it doesn't grow too much before the family reunion.

PEA said...

Awwww that picture is so adorable...the duck is bigger than she is! lol Friday the 13th has now come and gone and nope, no bad luck for me that day:-) I hadn't even realized it was Friday the 13th until half way through the day! lol Heck, if lots of hair makes one wiser, I must be pretty darn wise! LOL Love it! Have a wonderful day my friend! xox

Rachel said...

That duck is bigger than she is!! Very cute picture!!

My 13th was okay I guess. My 'check engine light' came on and is still on.

I got the riding mower back and they had to put a new battery in it (on top of everything else) and I had just bought a brand new battery. Arghhhhhhh. Didn't make any sense to me and still doesn't.
But at least it's back and running.

I rented that movie "Little Miss Sunshine" and it won't play all the way through. I tried both sides last night.. TWICE on each side and it gets close to the ending but that's it. Now I'll have to take it back and get another one THAT WORKS. Arghhhh again!!

So....other than that it was a great day!!

judypatooote said...

What a darling picture....the duck is almost as big as her..... as far as long hair, when I was little, I had hair down my back never cut until the 5th grade....and when mom took me to the beauty shop they told her that the hair was pulling the strength out of me, and was stunting my hair is now short and I sure do wish that was a true fact, but I know it to be false... LOL

Kerri said...

Lord love a duck! (as the English would say) That's really a precious picture :)
The worst thing about Friday the 13th here was the weather, with more of the same today, although the wind dropped this afternoon and the temp was up to 40ยบ. That felt warm, let me tell you!
We're in for another snow storm tomorrow evening, so they say. Oh joy!

Andrea said...

Garry thinks the ducks name was LD (last duck). Too precious, looks an awful lot like Ramsey.

Anonymous said...

He is correct, the duck was named LD, sw