Thursday, April 26, 2007

Walking & Thinking

As I walked in the yard today, I noticed that my plants and flowers are starting their recovery. The trees are budding again and there are signs of small leaves making their appearance once again...I was beginning to give up hope for a recovery although I knew that one had to come.

Our plum tree needed a good prunning and we have always put it off because we didn't want to destroy any fruit, but this year there will be no fruit, so it was easy to do the much needed prunning. I'm sure that the tree will do much better and now it will be much easier to mow around it. It had gotten so bushy that it was hard to get near it with the riding mower and that left Jimmy with a lot of weed-eating to do around the tree.
At the moment these are the only flowers that are blooming in my yard and where they came from I don't know. The orange flowers look like Sweet Williams but I don't know what the blue ones are. They're growing in three separate locations in the yard and I'm assuming that the seeds either blew in from someone else's yard, were carried in on the bottom of the cat's paws or by bird droppings. My neighbors, on either side of us, don't have these flowers in their yards, nor did they have them last year. Wherever they came from, I'm happy to have them here and it looks like Daisy is too. It gives her another place to hide and take her little cat naps.And while I was browsing looking for the picture of the flowers I took today, to put on my post, I stumbled across this picture of Jimmy, Suzanne, Matt & I and I couldn't believe that it has been almost 10 years since we took this trip. We had taken a three day white water rafting trip that was really a lot of fun. I remember how sore my bum had gotten from all that bouncing around in the raft...but boy, was it fun. We had always planned on doing this again on other rivers, but the time just got away from us...You know how you just always put things off and then one day you realize how many years have passed. Matt is now married, he's the child on the right wearing the red shorts. I'm sure his wife would love to go rafting, she's very adventurous and loves the outdoors, but am I able now?? I've gained 80 pounds since then and I'd probably bounce right out of that raft and into the water...As I think more about that, it might even be more fun to go rafting now.

Speaking of things we want to do...Jimmy wants to take the mule trip down the Grand Canyon to the Colorado River below. I'm not so sure that those 'sure-footed' mules could carry me safely down those narrow trails. I'll only agree to go if I can lose some weight. I went horse back riding last year and I felt soooo sorry for the horse I was on...And besides that, I had a hard time getting off the horse and needed help. Getting on wasn't so bad, but trying to slide off was another thing. One of these days I'll post the picture of me riding on a camel...I couldn't get my leg over one of the humps to get off and also needed help. The camel kept trying to stand up while I was trying to get off.

When I started writing this post it was sprinkling rain outside and very stormy looking. The sun just popped out, although the weather alert is still flashing, "Tornado Watch." I wanted to ride my bike today, but I don't feel like dodging storms....been there, done that and it's not fun. As I've said before....I'm a 'fair weather rider.' Hope the sun is shining wherever you are and that you are enjoying the day. If you need rain, I'll do a dance for you...and please, please pass a smile along to everyone you see today, whether you know them or not. :)


Sandy said...

I just had a better look at the orange flowers and they are NOT Sweet Williams.

jellyhead said...

Thanks Sandy for this cheery, flower-pictured post!

I will be sure to smile at lots of people today, just because you said so. And if you have a minute, *please* do that rain dance for us Aussies - we desperately need it.

Hope your day is going well :)

Susie said...

What a cheery post! I love the picture of you white water rafting. You're so right that time just slips away..
We have sunshine here and plenty of smiles to go around.

Tomas Dennis said...

Love the flowers and our plants and trees are also recovering from the freeze.

Alipurr said...

hope you get some nice days to ride soon

my yard is recovering too, though i am unsure what will still bloom at this point

love the pic of the kitty in the flowers

Val said...

Rafting is so much fun, I do hope you get to do it one day. I went through the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River with my dad and brother as part of a bigger group, in 1969, and afterwards we hiked out to the rim. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I would NOT however be at all happy to trust myself to one of those mules, especially going downhill!

Kerri said...

I'm glad to hear your flowers are bouncing back Sandy. I'm pretty sure the yellowy orange ones are wallflowers, and the blue could be centaurea/Cornflowers (Bachelors buttons) which bloom early, but it's hard to tell.
The white water rafting looks like great fun, but I doubt if I'd try it at my age :) Ditto for the Canyon ride. I prefer to keep my feet on the ground! But you're way more adventurous than I am :)
We had rain on Wednesday. Yesterday was cloudy, but fairy warm. I'm not complaining...there's no sign of snow! xoxox

PEA said...

Your rain dance took a little while to get here but it's finally raining today! lol Don't you just love having flowers blooming in your yard that you have no idea where they came from?! hehe The chipmunks keep burrying the peanuts we give them all over the wonder I get sunflowers popping up everywhere!! Love that picture of you guys white water rafting...with my luck, the first bounce and I'd be in the water!!! xox

Rachel said...

The flowers are pretty and so is the cat!!

I think the rafting would be great fun!! You all look like you are having a blast!! I think I'd like to start with a very gentle river!

Riding the donkeys into the Grand Canyon would be fun but I've seen them on TV and they go right on the edges of the cliffs. Kind of scary, even though we know they are sure footed!! I've never heard of any accidents with them!

Today is kind of cool but hopefully the warm bike riding weather will return soon!!

"Early Bird" said...

I saw on tv the other day that the American Indians on a reservation have made a walkway out over the Grand is clear floors so you can see to the bottom...the length of the drop would be two Empire state buildings...I wanna looks awesome!!

doubleknot said...

Daisy looks content among the flowers. I used to buy a packet of mixed wild flower seeds every year and set aside a part of the garden for them - it was fun watching what grew. Sorry if you go to the Grand Canyon I will just read about your adventure - no way could you get me on a donkey on the edge of a cliff.

Time does slip away from us too quickly once we reach a 'mature' age. Oh to be young again and know all I do now.

Granny said...

Definitely want to see you on the camel.

susan said...

Love your new heading picture. I find myself reading blogs through bloglines, but then I miss all the neat stuff on the individual pages. Are you going to enter the tomato contest this year?