Monday, June 25, 2007

a correction, a visit and a visit

Do you remember the nice cool refreshing drink I told you about called the "GEORGE?" My daughter who makes these drinks told me that I posted the wrong ingredient amounts and if you made one, in all probability you hated it!!! Here's the corrected recipe:
The George
1/3 part orange juice
2/3 parts Sprite
1 tsp (or a drizzle) of marachino cherry juice to taste
Serve chilled over ice
Top with cherry
(The ingredients can also be adjusted to your own tastes)
Where's the water????
(Click the sign for a larger picture.)
Sunday afternoon Jimmy & I rode over to visit Rachel and she took us on a grand tour of the city which included the lake. We were exploring back roads and discovered this sign next to what used to be a boat ramp before the lake was lowered in order to repair the dam. The water level will remain down for approximately 7 years which is the time it will take to finish all the dam repairs...oops, there goes my GP Blog Rating. Now there is plenty of parking around the lake which was always in great demand, but now most of the boaters have gone to other nearby lakes.
The lake is very large and still has plenty of water in it, but just not here at this spot. Rachel took us around to the many lakeside homes that are now up for sale at bargain prices, but they were still out of range for me...way out! Jimmy & I got to peek into windows and dream of what it would be like to live beside this beautiful lake...well it will be beautiful again in 7 more years and if I had the money I would go ahead and purchase one of the beautiful homes that we saw.
One of the homes that was overlooking the lake, the part that still had water in it, and without any obstructions like trees and a clear view of the lake was selling for $269,000 which I thought was a steal. We have homes here where I live that cost more and don't overlook anything but the neighbors yard. This home had cathedral ceilings with a wall of windows overlooking the lake, decks on three levels, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, hardwood floors, attached garage, large laundry room, 3 full levels of living space, a loft walkway over the garage...It was beautiful , but it didn't have much of a yard. It had a no maintenance yard and this was one of the smaller homes....there were many much, much larger homes with decks that spanned out at least 60 feet from the house and just as wide. They weren't empty or we would have been looking into their windows too. It was an afternoon of exploration, good conversation, great company and followed by a good meal at one of the harbor restaurants. When we finished our meal Rachel drove us to the water's edge at the marina and she pointed up to the house I just described to you.Back at Rachel's we were surprised by a thunderstorm. It threatened to rain all day, but what else is new? We never get any and when we do we can count the drops on our windshield. We could have danced with joy, out in the rain, but Rachel's neighbors were watching. In fact one of them from across and down the street shouted to Jimmy and told him that he could move his bikes over to his garage until after the rain stopped. Now wasn't that nice? The bikes were already wet so Jimmy didn't see any point in moving them and just thanked the neighbor for his kindness. I bet he was out dancing in the rain, hehehe. After the rain stopped we said our goodbyes to Rachel and started our trek back home. Two miles from her house, it hadn't rained a drop.
When almost home we were pleasantly surprised by the site of Zac on his bike, who followed us home. He fixed some settings on my new cell phone for me and created a myspace site for me and invited all the grandchildren who already had sites to be my friends. I was very reluctant about the site telling him that I was too old for a myspace site, that it was only for the young people, but he insisted that it would be a great way for me to communicate with my grandchildren on a daily basis. I told him that they probably wouldn't want me to be on their sites daily, but he insisted that they would all love to hear from me daily. To this I say, hahaha and I'm thinking that it won't be long before some of them change their URL's. But in the meantime I have posted some pictures for my grandchildren to see on my new space and have sent out a notice about a 4th of July cookout at Peanut & Laura's which we are all looking forward to. I'll just have to see how the site goes, but if you are reading this Zac, I need you to fix the space that says I'm SINGLE...I tried to do it myself but can't figure out how to change it to HAPPILY MARRIED.


Ava said...

That drink looks really good!!!

That's one crazy picture of the boat ramp and no lake to go with it!

Rachel said...

Wonderful post Sandy!! I think we should have tried skiing on that lake bed of weeds after all, don't you think??? Let's see....we could put on ski's and Jimmy could pull us on his motorcycle!!! LOL Do we really want to live that dangerously though??

George is good and refreshing!!

I sure did enjoy your visit!! I have decided where to take you all the next time you come to visit me!!! No, I ain't telling!! :)

You better change that Single to Happily married or you'll be getting interested men lurking around!!!

"Early Bird" said...

When I was doing some research looking for Red Hatter blogs quite a few of them have it's not just for the yougins'! :)
Sounds like you had a great time with Rachel!

Susie said...

I think the MySpace blogs can be for anyone. I agree that I'd change the single status though!!
That George drink sounds really refreshing.

Val said...

Glad I read this before making that George drink.

Seven years isn't too long to wait for the lake to reappear, is it?