Sunday, June 24, 2007

While on our way to the lake

Friday, Brandon came over to spend the night so that we could work on the 8th part of his Boy Scout Citizenship Badge. He's been working on this badge for about a year now. Part 8 consists of visiting & taking pictures of various places in your community that provide services to the public and giving a brief history of each place. I decided that we would start on this project early Saturday morning. So Friday night we spent playing Scrab*ble & various other games, just talking & acting silly and of course ordering Pizzas and cheesy bread. As I always say, nothing goes better with a sleep-over as a pizza...hehehe.
Saturday as we were on our way to the city's water reservoir what should we spot, but a herd of ponies. Lots and lots of ponies all over the hillsides in many shapes and sizes. There were also horses, but what really caught our eyes were the miniture ponies.
I parked the car on the side of the road and took the picture above.
Of course you just can't stay way back there when you see such cute little ponies just a touch away. When they spotted us approaching they flocked to the fence to see if we had anything for them to eat. We weren't prepared, so we didn't even have an apple to give them, but how would you even split an apple between all of them anyway? You would have to bring several bushels with you.
Brandon wasn't quite sure if it was safe to touch them, but they were so cute and they just wanted to get rubbed.
You can see how small these little ponies really were now in these pictures.
And who ever ownes these little fellas must give them quite a bit of affection and attention. They were as docile and gentle as little puppies and I might add no bigger than your pet dog. Because of the drought the fields are very dry and bare as you can see in these pictures. Not very much for a pony to eat, but they were well fed and very healthy looking.
I hadn't been in this area for quite a while, but I intend to visit these little fellas again sometime.

Don't they look larger when no one is in the picture? This was just a small portion of the things that Brandon & I did on Saturday and I was amazed at how many places we visited and how many pictures we took. Everyone was very nice that we talked to and very cooperative in letting us take pictures. More of that in another post. For today, if weather permits we are going for a ride to visit a very good friend of mine and yours. Have a nice day and I hope it rains for those of you (& me) that desperately need the rain.


Anonymous said...

Oh! They are so cute! We've seen them around our area too.
...When my granddaughter was much younger we were the ones to pick her up from school and she would always want to go see the miniature horses. They actually are horses, I think- not ponies! I always wished we could get one but they are very expensive- so we never did!

Hope you were able to go for that ride today-to visit Rachel!


Susie said...

They raise the minature horses on the road we take when going to the coast. They are so endearing..
Brandon is doing well on his badges..

Rachel said...

Love the miniature ponies!! They are so cute!!! We used to have some very close to us and I loved walking up and petting the little things!! Pup thought they were special too and loved to touch noses with them!

So GLAD you all came to visit me today!!! I always enjoy you and Jimmy visiting! I'm so glad we met through blogland!! Next time I'll have to think of another place for us to visit!! I'll figure it out in the meantime!!! Thanks again!! You both are sooo sweet!!

Peter said...

Cute and SMALL Sandy.

susan said...

Isn't it fun working on projects with the grandkids! The ponies are so cute, an added bonus to the day, I am sure. Although it doesn't get much better than pizza and Scrabble! What a fun grandma you are!

~patchwork reflections
~memories in a jar

"Early Bird" said...

They are so cute!
I saw a dog downtown today that stands taller than them I bet...

Ava said...

Those miniature ponies are just adorable!!!! And so small! My Aunt and Uncle have one, but I don't think that it is quite that small. They are really cute.

Kerri said...

The little horses are adorable. Ross read an ad for them recently and the prices ranged from 5 to 10 thousand dollars! Ouch! You're such a sweet grandma to help Brandon work on his badge. The Boy Scouts is a great organization and teaches kids some very good lessons.
That drink sounds delicious :)