Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Father's Day Cook-out

Peanut & Laura hosted a cook-out over the weekend and we all came hungry and eager to be together. Peanut has been so, so busy with school that we seldom get to see her, but she decided to take the summer off this year and for that we are VERY grateful.
Laura's mom who lives in South Dakota asked me to post some close up pictures of Dylan & Kyra and the close-ups are for you Jodie. This is Peanut and our great-grandson Dylan. Peanut's name is really Jimmie, but so that I don't have to explain which Jimmie I am talking about, her dad & I just call her Peanut. Peanut is my step-daughter and a wonderful one at that!! I don't know where she got the nickname, but it stuck nicely. Maybe Peanut can let us know in the comments...hint, hint.
Of course, this is Dylan with his Papaw Jimmy. I wonder what they're talking about?
L-R: Valerie, Erica with her baby Kyra, and Stephanie who just got home from a day at work at one of my favorite places to eat...Pa*paLeno's. Steph's dad and his brother own the restaurant.
Kyra & Steph
After a great meal, prepared by Peanut & Laura who took charge of the grill, we all visited with one another. The hamburgers were out of this world and I asked the girls what they did to make them so good, and they said that they mixed up some dry onion soup mix with a little barbeque sauce and worked it into the hamburgers before they made up the patties. Then they put a little barbeque sauce on the hamburgers while they were on the grill. They were out of this world good. I usually only stick to eating (no beef) hotdogs that have been burned beyond recognition, but the hamburgers were so good that I ate two, without buns of course. hehehe
Jimmy, Glenn & Ray
Here are three fathers: Jimmy, Glen who is married to Sandie (yes another Sandie and we do need to explain each time which Sandy that we're talking about and whenever we are together you can count on us both answering.) Let's not forget to mention Ray...he's married to Suzanne, my youngest daughter.
L-R: Suzanne, Laura, Valerie & Erica
Valerie & Erica are very close and have been since their days in the womb. They are Sandie's twins. Suzanne is my youngest daughter and you seldom see her in my posts because she is camera shy and will either turn her back, stick her hands in front of her face or my camera...AARRGH!
Erica, Kyra and Sandie
Sandie is Erica's mother and Kyra's grandmother. She is also Jimmy's daughter & my other step-daughter. I have two of the best and most thoughtful & caring step-daughters that you could possibly ask for.

Dylan holding his little sister Kyra

Peanut, Erica & Kyra

Jimmy with great-granddaughter Kyra


Half our group of kids and grandchildren were missing this year because of unavoidable prior commitments and we really missed them. Some were camping with the Boy Scouts, some off on boating trips, some had to work and some at ICH*THUS. We had a GREAT time and look forward to a 4th of July cook-out at Peanut & Laura's...hint hint...followed by fireworks at the park. I hope that everyone can join us this time and we'll make it potluck.


On another note, Motherkitty & Tomas have been under the weather and I'm wishing them well and hope they recover soon. Tomas was sick first and then passed it to Motherkitty and for that I'm sure she isn't happy. And you know what they say, "When Motherkitty ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." Just kidding. I'm sure that Motherkitty isn't happy about being sick, but she still sounds pleasant in her emails and I hope they both feel better soon.


Rachel said...

What a wonderful time you had to get together with family!! Loved seeing all the pictures Sandy. The hamburgers do sound great!

JunieRose2005 said...

Hey, what great family times you all had! Those kids are cuties!!


Susie said...

What a wonderful gathering you had! Those burgers sound delish fixed that way. All those kiddies are adorable.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures - I'm so glad there's a photographer in the family! I often have two Christmases on the same roll of film.....
And absolutely, let's have a 4th of July cookout at our house!
I sure hope "someone" brings cantelope again.
Love, Laura

PEA said...

Don't you just love these fun family gatherings:-) I so enjoyed seeing all the pictures...that last picture of Jimmy with the baby is just precious! Funny how a baby can make a man go mush!! hehe xox

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the pics of Erica's adorable kids. I wish we could have been at the cookout. Jodi

Val said...

It was lovely "meeting" so many of your family. And there's a Valerie too!

It's funny how names sometimes congregate in families, both blood related and married in. In our family it's David. And my sister Melanie now wants to be called Mel, and that's my hubby's name...

Kerri said...

You've been having some fun family times I see.
Little Kyra is precious and it looks like Jimmy is hooked :) What a great picture.
What a great thing scouting is for kids. Sounds like a fun event. The walking stick is really neat. Brian has a great talent.