Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Buffalo Hollow Fishing Contest Winners & family news

The Buffalo Hollow Fishing Contest was held Saturday, June 16 and below are the only contestants and our three winners.
with the biggest Bass


with this little baby largemouth bass
Honorable mention goes to Suzanne & Ray
who showed up a day late,
Sunday to be exact.
And who caught absolutely nothing,
and after an exhausting time of 10 minutes in the hot sun,
they went home.

First & Second Place Winners were treated to a carmel dipped ice cream cone.
Third Place Winner received a ribbing for catching such a small fish,
and had to pay for the cones.
We still haven't had any rain to speak of...two five minute showers a couple of days ago. Things are really looking dry around town. Some folks were fortunate enough to get a little more rain than others and I'm sure that all the plants & trees are grateful for what little rain they got.
I'm hoping that Motherkitty is feeling better by now and today Brian told me that Reva has Pneumonia in one of her lungs and was given a shot and some antibiotics. I know that Reva hasn't been feeling well, and has had some trouble breathing lately and I'm glad that she is receiving some good medical care. Get well soon Reva.
Zac's dad is having surgery on Friday and we wish him well, and hope that he has a speedy recovery.
I think I am allergic to my computer room; for the last couple of days I get all congested and you would think, to hear me that I am suffering from a bad, bad summer cold. I actually thought that I might have caught something from all the little germy children I have been around lately, but just as soon as I go into my bedroom I get better. It's probably time to dust my computer room, don't you think? I probably have a bad case of dust bunnie-itis.
On a sad note...Jimmy's brother Butch has lost his dog Bailey. Bailey was a cute little black toy poodle who died within an hour from an apparent heart attack on Father's Day. Bailey was 12 years old and he will be missed by everyone in the family, as he was a very affectionate little doggy who never met a stranger. Bailey has gone to join our little princess PJ in doggy heaven.
Sharon's little dog Rafael was attacked by a pack of dogs sometime late Sunday night and was found lying on their deck unable to move on Monday morning, with many puncture wounds in its little body. We are all praying for a safe and speedy recovery for Rafael. On the same night, Brian & Reva's little cat SIMBA suffered a broken leg. Both incidents may be related to the same pack of dogs and the dog catcher should be notified because this is not the first time this pack has attacked. Rusty almost died and had to have extensive surgery & hospitalization to save its life a few months ago. Brian & Sharon both witnessed the attack on Rusty, in their own yard. If not time it could be a child or an adult who gets attacked!
Today was a pleasant day, weather wise, so Jimmy & I decided to go visit Rachel but she wasn't home. She was out gallivanting with her Sunday School Class, "Expounding from the Pulpit," and having all kinds of fun, hehehe. Rachel's yard looked lovely and green as she received a FULL DAY, of steady rain. Standing behind the pulpit is apparently paying off for Rachel...hmmm.


Rachel said...

Oh shucks!! I'm so sorry I wasn't here, but I had no idea you were coming down!! Well do come back again anytime! I know you all enjoy the ride but still... I sure do enjoy your visits!

The pictures are great! You have such a lovely family Sandy!

I'm sorry to hear about the dogs and the cat. Geesh. Poor things. It's so hard to lose them and have them hurt too. I don't like a pack of dogs that go around picking on other dogs. Bullies! Sounds like the dogcatcher does need to do what he does.

Sure hope you get some rain soon. I was so thankful when we got ours yesterday. It was manna from Heaven!!

Ava said...

Looks like everyone had a lot of fun fishing! And those icecream cones look delicious!!!!

We're supposed to get some rain today. THank goodness!

I hope that pack of dogs gets caught. That is really dangerous because it could very easily turn into an attack on a person or a child.

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
Wonderful to catch up on all your news. That sure is a big fish Thalia caught!!
Those dog and cat attacks are awful. Hope they catch the responsibles!!

Motherkitty said...

We are both better. Husband went to MD yesterday, got two shots and three Rx's. Has to go back in two weeks for some blood work. Both of seem to be on the mend and actually did some work outside then got in the pool for over two hours. I swam a LOT of laps and the water was soooooo nice. Can't wait to see you guys next Friday.

Those fish are amazing! Wish we had been there.

Kerri said...

Don't you love it when the girls beat the guys at guy stuff like fishing? :) Those fish must've tasted good...but caramel dipped ice cream cones...oh my, they get my vote!
Glad MK and hubby are feeling better. Hope Reva will be well very soon.
Poor little Bailey. So sad for the family.
Perhaps you could use your computer from the dusting needed :)
I hope that horrible dog pack is caught. How awful.
Happy summer to you and Jimmy! I'm officially on vacation..yah!

"Early Bird" said...

You're a winner...come check it out!

Granny said...

So sorry about Bailey.

Hope all the other ailing folk (both 2 and 4 legged) recover quickly.

LZ Blogger said...

Sandy ~ Carmel dipped ice cream cone? Now that sounds like a prize worth fishing for! ~ jb///