Saturday, June 02, 2007

Twins 21st Birthday

(L-R) Valerie, Jimmy, Erica, Sarah holding baby Kyra)
Last night we helped celebrate the twins 21st birthday. The twins are pictured above on each side of Jimmy, their Papaw. Four month old Kyra is Erica's baby and Sarah is the twins older sister.
This is Val holding her neice Kyra.

Dylan, who will be three July 20th
is also Erica's child.
Dylan poses for me here sitting in Glen's Samurai. Dylan was running around leaping off tall buildings and porches, like little boys do when he fell and hit his mouth on the ground. Grandpa Glen knew exactly what to do to soothe him...he took him for a ride in the Samurai all around the yard and around the worked! Just as soon as Dylan was seated in the Samurai a BIG BIG SMILE came across his face. After the Samurai was stopped and parked in the midst of all of us, Dylan took over and pretended to drive. Of course this had to be the highlight of his ride.

It looks like a little bit of road rage here.


"Early Bird" said...

All are very pretty gals!
And he is a little cutie patootie!

JunieRose2005 said...

Happy Birthday to the twins!

Pretty grands and greatgrands you have!

Junie Rose

Rachel said...

Great looking family there Sandy!!!

Ava said...

Great pictures!!!! What a good looking family too! Whew!

I love the road rage picture!!