Wednesday, July 18, 2007

An afternoon with the babies & health updates

How sweeter does it get than spending an afternoon with the babies. This is little Kyra and she will be six months old on July 24th and what a wiggle worm she is. She's the hardest baby to hold...she loves to move and squirm around and you really have to be on your toes when you're holding her.
This is Dyan and Sandie. Dylan has discovered the joys of taking pictures using his grandma's cell phone...or anyone's cell phone, it really doesn't matter. Dylan will be 3 years old on Friday and he invited his Papaw and I to his "pizza party." His mom kept telling him that it's not a "pizza party" but a Birthday Party.
(L-R) Valerie, Erica, Kyra, Sandie, Dylan, Jimmy, Suzanne is somewhere out of sight and I'm taking the picture.
A favorite spot of most kids, but Dylan doesn't like being in the hammock by himself. I think it's just too shaky for him and he feels like he's going to fall out of it. Here he is with his mom Erica.

Giving orders as usual. I think he's telling me to stop taking his picture.
While Dylan swings in the hammock with anyone who is willing, Jimmy is taking full advantage of holding sweet little Kyra all he can. Kyra doesn't like being put down and we know why...too many people are willing to cuddle her in their laps all day long. Erica works in a daycare and Kyra is used to being carried around by the staff and when she comes home there's Daddy, grandma, Aunt Val, and a couple grandpa's & grandma's and some great grandparents as well.
This is her way of telling me to stop taking so many pictures of her.

Yesterday I told you that Jimmy took my bike in to have a slow leak repaired and this is what was in my back tire. I'm glad they found the problem and repaired it. I sure would hate to be on the road to visit Motherkitty, Tomas & Kitten Yarn and have to make an unscheduled stop on some lonely highway. As far as I know we're still coming to visit next week for a few days and I'm sure looking forward to seeing everyone again and jumping into that beautiful blue pool with that "hunky pool man."

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Reva's dad was hospitalized on Friday and had surgery last Monday. He had a stone blocking his common bile duct. Once that was removed he seems to be doing fine and getting better. Hopefully he won't be in the hospital much longer. Reva's mom is staying with them at the cabin and they're making their daily journeys to the hospital from there. If all goes well with Reva's dad they still plan on visiting next week. We've all been looking forward to our trip with much anticipation.

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Thank goodness blogger has that new "Draft autosave," for the posts we're working on, because I just lost my post and was certainly relieved when I found it all there and intact. What a relief...WHEW! I don't compose my posts ahead of time...I sort of ad-lib as I go along, so when I used to lose them I had to start over from scratch and then it wasn't fun anymore.
I went to the sleep disorder doctor yesterday....she & her husband both run the sleep clinic. She stays in the office and I've only seen him when he came in to read my sleep study tests each time I was there and of course he also went over my results with me.
She told me yesterday that I had already lost 10 pounds since I began using the breathing machine at night and if I would really try, I could lose more. I wasn't aware that I had lost any weight until she told me. I'm too heavy for 10 pounds to even be noticeable. My blood pressure was also way down and she said that it was because my heart was no longer being stressed by me not getting enough air in my lungs at night. So that was really some good news to hear and I'm really pleased with my progress.
It rained for about 3 minutes yesterday and it's looked like rain all day today with the skies alternating from fluffy white clouds and blue shies to black looking stormy clouds, but no rain. I guess I should be thankful for the little rain we got yesterday and count my blessings,
Jimmy has been patiently waiting for me to finish my post so we can go eat supper. Now the choices begin...where to eat today?


Susie said...

Sweet faces on those babies! Glad you got that tire repaired before you were out on the road. Give MK a hug from me!!
Yay for losing 10# and having lower BP. All good news!!

PEA said...

You sure do have some adorable little kiddies around you:-) It's no wonder Jimmy loves holding Kyra, she's just precious!! Oh wow, look at the size of that nail that was stuck in your tire...good thing they found it and fixed your tire!! Good for you for losing 10 lbs and for having lowered your blood pressure...don't you love finding out you've lost weight when you weren't even trying? hehe xoxo

Val said...

Back now after being distracted by the link to the hunky pool man...

jellyhead said...

I can't believe Kyra is six months old already! Where did that time go?

I think Dylan's 'pizza party' idea is a great one!

Good news about your health, Sandy. (You lost ten pounds without even trying??! That's so impressive!)

Hope your supper was yummy :)

Motherkitty said...

Okay, we're awaiting your visit next week. I WILL be good and not make you gain back those 10 lbs. you just lost teehee. Hmmm, I think peaches are in season right now. How does a cobbler sound?

The hunky pool man is still working on the solar heater -- he's having to redo some of the connectors because they want to leak. He should be getting it completed (hopefully) in the next day or two.

Kitten Yarn is really looking forward to seeing everybody. Hope Reva's family situation resolves so they don't miss this trip. Glad her dad is feeling better after his surgery.

Good for you for losing that weight. Wish I could say the same. See you soon.

Ava said...

Congrats on your health progress!

The baby is adorable!!! And isn't it amazing that a 3 year old can work our gadgets!!!!!!

Looks like you had a nice visit!

Sandy said...

Motherkitty....That peach cobbler of yours is 'out of this world' good and that sounds great. Now I didn't say I was on a diet did I? I haven't changed any of my eating habits and don't plan to either. I'll just add more exercise...sometime. hehehe

T*mmy said...

The kids are all so cute...looks like a nice summer day to enjoy!
I'm glad to hear your health is improving!

Rachel said...

Sounds like Motherkitty is ready to help you with the peach cobbler!! hehe!! Sounds good to me. I had some yesterday and it was mighty delicious!

I loved all your pictures!

I bet you ended up going to Papa Leno's? Is that the right name? You know where I mean anyway!

TUFFENUF said...

Cute photos! I am so glad that you are sucessful with the breathing machine. I hope you feel more rested now that you are getting a good nights sleep. Good luck on the weight loss - even 10 pounds always makes me feel better.

Granny said...

They are cuties.

I don't "compose" either and usually my posts look that way. I just ramble on.

That autosave feature is great.

doubleknot said...

Such adorable grandkids. Little Kyra looks so cuddly.
Good thing you checked your tire out. Hope you have a safe trip now.

wazza said...

Gidday Sandy,
I'm also glad that blogger automatically saves draft posts now as I was ad-libbing a new post when we had a power failure and the whole area was plunged into darkness. Phew when the power came back on everything had been saved.