Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I "sync'd" successfully

My title is a bit deceiving. I sync'd, but it wasn't successful to my computer. I managed to compile a list of songs and put them on Jimmy's ipod, but then my computer locked up on me and wouldn't obey any of my commands. The power button wouldn't even shut off the power to my computer, but thankfully there was the plug in the wall socket that I unplugged.

After I turned the computer back on I went back into itunes and discovered that instead of 600+ songs, I now had over a thousand. What happened???? Many songs had duplicated ten times or more and some only twice. A little error message appeared and the error report was sent to Microsoft.

I may have caused the jam-up myself as I also had attached a bluetooth device to my computer and wasn't quite sure how to answer some of the questions during the setup process, and after answering a certain question probably wrong, is when the computer actually crashed. The installation process was never completed, but GUESS WHAT? It works and I have been able to transfer pictures & videos wirelessly. Now about transferring music, I'm almost afraid to try that.

After deleting all the duplicated tunes I was ready for a Smoothie, yum yum, but I didn't get one. That picture was just left over from dinner last week and I was bound and determined to use it somewhere on my blog and here is as good as anywhere. I had a V-8 instead.

I know I'm doing something wrong with itunes and why in the world does it have to appear each time we charge the ipod? I told Jimmy today that he needs to get himself a charger so that I don't have to connect the ipod into my computer each time he wants to charge it. The songs he wants are now on it. I feel so technologically challenged sometimes and I don't like feeling that way, but I refuse to take a $300 computer course in, "How To Sync Your Ipod."

I'm killing time today. Jimmy has taken my bike into the shop to fix a leaky back tire. I noticed that something felt wrong with it on Saturday and yesterday as Jimmy was coming from behind me he noticed that my tire looked a bit flat. We aired it up and came home and this morning it was back down again. If it wasn't for my extra 'training wheels' holding me up, the problem would have probably been more apparent & noticed earlier.
I would have gone with him, but I have a doctor's appointment today and I'm also waiting for my grandson Doug to stop by.

Until later...


T*mmy said...

I would not know the first thing about ipods or itunes so you are up on me!
I hope your Dr visit goes well!

Susie said...

My daughter won't put the itunes on her computer. Thus I have it on mine and that is where my grandson's music and downloads take place. If anything crashes, it will be Grammy's computer. Funny how that works!
Your smoothie looks delish. We had those for breakfast today!!
Good luck at the doctor..

PEA said...

Hello dear Sandy:-) I'm back from my trip and now playing catch up with everyone! I so enjoyed reading your posts I had missed...yes, even about Jimmy's ummmm favourite cap! LOL I have itunes on my computer and download loads of songs with no problems but I don't have an ipod so haven't had to try to transfer the songs...maybe that's a good thing! lol Hope all went well at the doctor's!! xoxo

Alipurr said...

i like V8s & smoothies, too. We must be related!!! :)

hope your tire is fixed soon

jellyhead said...

Does it make you feel any less 'challenged' if I tell you that I can't do any of those things you described doing, nor do I even understand your question about the Ipod?!

Have a lovely day Sandy, and I hope you get to drink a smoothie at some point :)

Love Bears All Things said...

I bought an MP3 player. It came with a disc which insisted on installing Yahoo Jukebox which I already had(another story) and then when I tried to load my music from the library on the computer said the player was full. I ended up installing music from my Windows Media Player which has duplicated all the misic on my computer. After adding much of the music I wanted, I still had about half the space left on the MP3 player. It too charges by plugging it into the computer. Also, I had music on the Yahoo Jukebox that I had no idea where it came from. Mysteries!!!
Have you visited my blog?
Mama Bear

Val said...

$300 to learn how to synch your iPod? But isn't that more than the iPod itself? You can probably guess that I don't have an iPod. I rarely listen to my CDs, even since retiring. I'd be sure to get complaints from hubby and two sons. They should be out of the house, darn it!

Tomas Dennis said...

My son "E" filled my laptop with his I-tunes a few years ago. After he had finished loading his player I promptly got rid of all those music files. They take up space and gum-up the computer.
Take Care
Love ya

ICECAZ Productions said...

you just need to delete all the extra files my computer dose it automatically, but its a mac.

Ava said...

Good morning to you! I hope that all is well and you have a great day!

Sounds like you had an adventure there with the tunes! Better you than me!!!


That smoothie looks delicious!

LZ Blogger said...

Sandy - If there ever comes a time when "PULLING THE PLUG" doesn't work... then you've got bigger problems than trying to sync! :-)

~ jb///