Monday, July 16, 2007

Jimmy's Favorite Cap

This cap is over 13 years old and what do you do with a man who REFUSES to part with this dirty, worn out, faded cap?
He refuses to let me throw it away and YES, I've tried washing it and believe me, it doesn't make it look any better.
Perhaps he holds on to it because, it has memories attached to it of our first co-owned bike. That was just a thought, but I don't think that's it at all. It's not like he doesn't have newer nicer caps to wear, but at least I have been successful in discouraging him from wearing it out in public anymore.
Why do men hold on to old worn out things, that have long out-lived their usefullness?
Oh my gosh! that sounds like I've just described myself in that last sentence. On second thought....I'm not going to say anymore to him about his old, dirty, worn-out cap. He can keep it for as long as he likes.


Rachel said...

Does he have a new Honda hat or does he just love that one because it molds to his head so well?

Yeah, let him keep it! Those old things that feel good are priceless!!

I just read your previous post. Hall's on the River!!! Oh yum!! Can we go there sometime and I WILL PAY!!!! It's been years since I've been there!!! That's pretty close to my old stomping grounds too (Red House and all).

Surely the thermometer was wrong?? It has been really warm though.

Read the paragraph above the last one and yes I mean it!! Just let me know. Maybe I could come to your house and we could ride motorcycles from there! That would be a fun drive (or ride for me) too! (HINT HINT HINT).

Rachel said...

Hall's is the place I tried my first bite of lobster!!

Sandy said...

rachel....For sure we can go. Just let me know when you can come down here. After you see their prices you might reconsider paying for everybody, hehehe. We were shocked...I mean SHOCKED! when the bill came.

LZ Blogger said...

Sandy - It is amazing to me that you can actually buy hats that start out looking just like Jimmy's does after 13 years. I personally NEVER wear hats... but that's just ME! ~ jb///

jellyhead said...

Tee hee! I love that Jimmy likes his old, faded cap.

My husband is the same - has emotional attachment to some old clothing & hats. His favourite T-shirt is positively ragged, yet he still wears it out in public! I've given up worrying about what anyone thinks - they can think we're bums if they want to!

Tomas Dennis said...

I bought a Levi Jacket in 1970 and wore it down at the dam 50 for about 10 years. Motherkitty wanted to throw it out but I cleaned the ragged jacket and hung it in my closet. When my daughter Kitten Yarn came home from Murray State one weekend she was rummaging through Motherkitty's clothes when she spied my stringy Levi Jacket. She died with glee at spying an original stringy Levi Jacket that any college student would die for. She begged me to let her have it for school. She wore it the remainder of her 4 years and then she could not find the arm holes any more and had to give it up. It is probably hanging in some String Museum somewhere in Kentucky.

Tomas Dennis said...

The jacket had Levi Buttons, no zipper.

Val said...

My dad has a shirt he bought second hand more than 30 years ago. He still wears it, and it refuses to wear out. Unfortunately the color does not suit him, although he says brown is his color. Men - go figure!

Anonymous said...

my hubby lives in one too, but luckily they get demoted to work hats and then finally to the garbage.

Kerri said...

When we arrived home from our weekend visit to A&T's, Ross realized he'd left his beloved John Deer hat there. Oh my!
Andrew gave it to him and he just loves that hat.
He still has his Marine Corps hat to keep him happy until we can get the other one back, thank heavens!
Yes, men are funny, but you're are we! It sounds great :)
Glad you had such a lovely outing with the grandkids.
I sure hope that thermometer was wrong!!!
You and Jimmy have fun with that new technology now :)

Ava said...

Men and their hats! I'll tell you ... he's not the only one!!! (wink wink)