Sunday, July 15, 2007

Toooo HOT

This is the thermometer in my kitchen window. It's stuck on the outside with little suction cups and on Monday this was what it read, and believe me it felt like it outside. I seriously think that my thermometer was mistaken and just over-taken by the heat and malfunctioned. It probably had a heat stroke.
I had come outside ready to go for a ride when I noticed that it was warmer than usual so I went back inside to look at the thermometer. I called to Jimmy to come look, and he said that it had to be wrong. It may have been wrong, but it was still very hot and much too hot to go for a ride.

My flowers and plants all look wilted except for the waterlilys, but they aren't as pretty this year either. I sometimes go back and look at pictures of last summer's flowers and I can't believe how pretty they were. It amazes me that I had such lovely flowers, because I'm not really much of a gardener. I credit the flowers themselves because I try to buy only native plants that are hardy. Nothing has died yet, but they're very thirsty for an all day or night soaking steady rain.
These are the same flowers only taken with my cell phone.

On Wednesday Jimmy's bike speakers arrived and he spent the day putting them on his bike and getting all the wires organized and put out of site. He attached his Sony Walkman to them and they sounded really good, but he wasn't quite satisfied with the results. At the time I didn't know it, but he had bigger things on his mind. Zac & Sharon both have ipods and Jimmy fell in love with Sharon's TINY little shuffle and had his eyes set on one for himself.
Friday morning we took the old music sound system that Jimmy had on his bike back to his brother and as we were leaving Zac called, so off we went to visit Zac & Megan. Zac was stuck at home waiting for the UPS guy to deliver his new set of speakers. When they finally arrived it was late afternoon and just as we had suspected, the speakers looked exactly like Jimmy's. There were only a few differences with the other equipment, but the speakers looked just alike.
After a quick installation we were off to supper and to listen to one of Zac's friends perform at a local night spot. A night out with the grandchildren...what more could you ask for? Now before all of you other grandchildren get your feathers in a ruffle, you can ask us out to dinner too whenever you like...we're free as birds.
Thalia, Zac, Megan & Jimmy
Here we are at Hall's on the River. Hall's is located right on the Kentucky River at Boonesboro. One of Zac's friends was singing there and he sang & played his guitar while we ate supper. The singer, Perry Williams was also accompanied by another guitar player and they were very good. Perry is a singer, song writer.
Needless to say we had a GREAT time out with the grandchildren although it was way too loud in there. As I sat there I was reminded of the days when Jimmy & I were courting and spent a lot of our time out dancing. We both loved to dance and listen to loud music. What happened to those days? We still like to listen to music, but we haven't danced in some time now....except for today in the kitchen when I had his earbuds in my ears, I grabbed him and began dancing to the music playing in my ears. He tried to follow along, but he couldn't hear the music, hehehe. I think he only played along so he could get his ipod back. More about that ipod later.

By early Saturday morning the boys were ready to check out their new speakers. You can see that each of their bikes have two little round crome speakers between the handle bars and windshields in the picture above. You might have to enlarge the picture to see them better. We rode for most of the day, stopped and had a very nice meal and Jimmy got his new ipod nano with Zac's help. Zac also picked out a little Bluetooth device for my computer...he's so helpful!
Back at home, Zac installed itunes to my computer and loaded Jimmy's ipod with music. Jimmy is so happy and is finally marveling at technology and hanging around my computer asking if his ipod needs charging yet. I told him the battery is good for 24 hours of music listening...Again he marvels.
.'ve opened up a brand new world of technology for Jimmy. I hope you can keep up with him because if he can afford it, he's buying whatever it takes to make his bike rumble with music. We'll all have to keep a good distance away from him or we won't be able to listen to our own music when we ride. Good thing he likes to bring up the rear.
Today I spent trying to learn my way around itunes and created Jimmy a playlist of his favorite songs to put on his ipod. I'm almost finished with his playlist except for a few more songs which he has on a CD that he needs to bring me. Then the BIG TEST will see if I can do it...put the songs on his ipod. I've never had one and don't know much about them. It's all a learning experience for me.
Hooray...I hear thunder outside. Gotta go see if it's raining. False alarm.


Susie said...

That's sweltering! I hope you have a/c!
You should have no problem loading the itunes from your computer. I watched my grandson do it from my computer dozens of times. It is super fast if you have a dsl connection.

Val said...

Wow, those temperatures rival Australian temps, in summer of course. We're now having quite a cool winter.

I didn't know people could listen to music when riding motorbikes!!!

Peter said...

Sandy, the best accessory to go with an iPod is an alarm clock which combines as a charger and has a slumber setting... I go to sleep each night with my favourite playlist playing.

Granny said...

I hope that thermometer's off by a few degrees. We've dropped down to the mid-nineties here which is almost bearable.

Love your cucoo story below (combing two comments on one post - I'm lazy today).

judypatooote said...

Love the water lily's, but do not like's not that I don't like them, I'm afraid of I grow older, I find i'm afraid of a lot of things....why is that....cluck cluck...

Ava said...

Wow! Hot! Hot! Hot!

Sounds like a great outing that you had. I always enjoy hearing about your biking and family.