Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cucoo Finds A Troll Door

One day while out in the yard, Cucoo spots something new. “It’s a troll door!” he exclaims.

He slowly peeks inside the door to see if there is anything inside, but no one is there.

He then goes over to the little bird house nearby to see if perhaps the troll might be in there, but finds nothing.

Cucoo then decides that he needs help in finding the troll, and who better to help him than the Old Man of the Yard who knows everything that goes on in this yard. He explains to the Old Man of the Yard that he has found a troll door in Mr. Sycamore’s trunk.
“Well there you have it,” says the Old Man of the Yard, “Mr. Sycamore will surely know of this troll you speak of. Let’s go over and ask him and see what he has to say. After all, the door is on his trunk and who would know better than he who comes and goes from his trunk.”
So off they both went to ask Mr. Sycamore

While on their way to see Mr. Sycamore they met poor Mr. Post. He had a terrible run in with the lawnmower and severely damaged his left eye. Luckily for him, he still has part of his eye left intact and can see fairly well.
Mr. Post told them that he had seen a pretty little angel-like being fluttering around the bird feeders, but he hadn’t seen any ugly old trolls.
Cucoo didn’t pay much attention to what Mr. Post had said, thinking that he had just seen birds, because birds are very pretty and especially the little colorful ones than hang around Mr. Post’s area of the yard. But since Cucoo didn’t want to overlook anything he headed towards the bird feeder Mr. Post had mentioned.

They found the bird feeder but no troll, but Cucoo did enjoy sifting through the seeds finding the crunchiest little black birdseeds to nibble on. When he had eaten his fill they went on their way.

The Old Man of the Yard spoke first, “Mr. Sycamore…How are you this fine day? Cucoo has found a troll door on your trunk and has come to me for help in finding the troll who lives behind the door. Can you help us?”

Mr. Sycamore laughed so loud that his branches all shook. He said, “My dear, dear Cucoo…there is no troll living behind that door. Ms Sandy had requested a fairy door and Mr. Jimmy made one for her and hung it beneath my branches so that the fairies could be released from within my trunk. You can find the pretty little fairy standing over there on the table listening to the seashell she found near the water garden.




While making this story the Old Man of the Yard tripped and fell.

Cucoo is trying to help the Old Man of the Yard back on his feet after his nasty spill into the bushes.

***The "Old Man of the Yard is actually a walking stick carved out by my son Brian. Cucoo was nice enough to loan him the hat for the story.

The troll door was made by Jimmy...and it was supposed to be a fairy door, but he made it much too large.

The story is mine (what else do you do while you're waiting for the UPS guy to deliver a package?)


JunieRose2005 said...

I enjoyed the story...:)

My goodness, you have a lot of interesting littl folks around your place!


PEA said...

ROFL...oh Sandy...I loved it! lol I would love to be in your yard just to see all these characters up front and personal! hehe None of the neighbours saw you, did they????? LOL xoxo

Susie said...

Very cute story! I love that Willow Tree Angel too!

Val said...

Very amusing and sweet. I love your Cuckoo stories, and the out takes were a good idea too!

Rachel said...

Well now Sandy, that was a real good story!! Quite interesting indeed. Now we know what you do while waiting for packages to be delivered!!

I like the door Jimmy made, even if he did make it too big! I'm sure he'll make you another one.

The walking stick is very pretty!! Love his hat too!

Cheyenne said...

Oh my, you have waaaaay too much time on your hands. But, hey, I enjoyed every word of it. This is such a cute story. You should put it in a book.

jellyhead said...

Cheyenne is right, you should write a book - this would make such a cute children's story!

I loved it. And I love your 'fairy' too.

Ava said...

Howdy! Just checking in and wishing you a great weekend! I hope you stay safe and do something fun!!!!

Great story and great pictures to go along with it! You're awesome!

Tomas Dennis said...

Everyone is right you have a beautiful gift. you make us all smile and laugh.
Love Ya

Anonymous said...

oh so cleaver of you.

Tina said...

You have made me laugh so hard! You are definitely gifted. The kids love the story too. You should get it published. Matt's sister (me) has 4 kids who would love a book with your story in it!!(hint hint wink wink!!haha)

Peter said...

AWWgee Sandy you broke the spell by telling us that the Old Man of the Yard was a walking stick.
Great story!!!!!!

judypatooote said...

Funny story....I forgot about cucoo....I have always loved stories of cucoo....I wonder what ever happened to Norm....the knomb, remember Norm who was Peggys creation (Hidden Haven)....he went around the world...and had quite a visit over Christmas with me......LOL

Kerri said...

Sandy, you're so entertaining. You're making me chuckle this morning (as usual). It's been a while since we've seen Cucoo. Nice to catch up on his antics :) Love the out-takes too!
Your fairy is very sweet and Jimmy's door is clever.