Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Part II of Zac's Birthday Celebration...and it's not even his birthday yet!

On Monday evening Zac experienced Part I of his birthday celebration when Megan, with the help of her friend Kat, sneakely & secretely got some of Zac's friends together and threw Zac a surprise Birthday Party. He was VERY surprised because his birthday is not until tomorrow. You can read about it HERE although Zac summed it up in two sentences. hehehe. But at least he did post two pictures...I guess one to go with each sentence.

L-R: Thalia, Megan, Sharon, Zac, Jimmy
and I am behind the camera.
Today Jimmy & I treated Zac to a Special Birthday Dinner at one of his favorite restaurants. He seems to choose this same place to eat year after year, so we weren't surprised when he told us where he wanted to go. We should have known. hehehe

You can always count on these two sisters having fun. Zac pulled out his camera and was setting it on the tripod, when the "giggle" sisters went into action. They have such beautiful smiles that I couldn't help but photograph them in their antics.
We had a wonderful time at dinner and when we came out the rain had slowed to a drizzle. Of course the sun was shining at home and was when we returned and we couldn't find the mud puddles we were hoping to find.
When we arrived for dinner it was pouring rain so hard that we didn't dare leave the safety of the car until it finally slowed down a bit. It was raining so hard that even umbrellas were of little use. All of us were in our cars except for Sharon...she was late and when we made it inside, Megan said her mom was stuck under a bridge on the interstate highway. We knew what that meant...she was riding her motorcycle.
After being seated and looking at the menus, Sharon made her last call to Megan as her cell phone died. She said that she was soaking wet and stranded outside the kids apartment without her key, and with no where to hide from the rain. Megan left, went home and let her mom in to change her clothes then brought her to the restaurant nice & dry. Sharon told us that when she stopped under the bridge, it was the new bridge that was still under construction and leaking badly, so she moved forward into the shelter of the old bridge and when she looked up there was a man huddled under the bridge trying to also escape the rain. Sharon felt a little uneasy, said "hello" to the man and quickly moved on. Besides heavy rain, she said it hailed and that really hurts when you're not wearing gloves, helmet, long pants and a leather jacket.
Once Sharon arrived we ordered our food and enjoyed each other's company along with our feast. As a coincidence, we'll find out tomorrow if Jimmy & Zac ordered the same speaker systems for their bikes. It sure sounded like the same systems to me, only ordered from two different places. Jimmy & Zac think alike when it comes to their bikes and to music. I'll be curious to find out if they did order the same thing.
One thing I would like to pass on is when ordering online I get the same results, as far as shipping goes, if I have things shipped ground vs. 1-2 day delivery. I've paid the extra money to have things arrive fast and at the same time order something else and just use the slow ground delivery and guess what? The items get to me at the same time or in the same number of days.
That's just been my experience, so when ordering Jimmy's speaker kit Sunday night online from a California based company, I chose ground delivery. Yesterday the order was processed & shipped and tomorrow it is scheduled to arrive at our home.
On another note, tonight my grandson Brandon attended a Boy Scout Awards Ceremony. I was going to attend, but I forgot about it until Sharon mentioned that Reva's parents were down visiting. Then I remembered that they were coming to watch Brandon get his awards. I tried to call my son & dil to find out the time and place, but got no answer on the phone. I left a message, but I guess they had already left the house or were outside. I just want Brandon to know that I had planned on attending, but I failed to find out the time & place beforehand and I'm sorry I missed it. I hope they took some pictures to share.


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Zac!!! I'm glad you all enjoyed the dinner Sandy.

We got that rain today! We got almost 2 inches!! Whoohooo!!

I enjoyed seeing you and Jimmy (and cats) on Monday night!!

Val said...

Ouch, I was really feeling uncomfortable when reading about poor Sharon's experience in the rain and hail. But she WOULD be riding her motorcycle!

Tomas Dennis said...

Happy birthday Zac

Kerri said...

Sounds like a great time. Glad Sharon made it through the rain with no mishaps, and was able to find some dry clothes.
I can see why you enjoy taking photos of those beautiful smiles :) Great pics!