Sunday, August 12, 2007

Remembering Aunt Ollie

Aunt Ollie

February 17, 1903 - August 10, 2007

Jimmy with Aunt Ollie at the Family Reunion in July 2005

Aunt Ollie with her baby brother Ben
at the Family Reunion in July 2006

I met Aunt Ollie many years ago. Her husband was a patient of ours and she was one of the sweetest ladies that I had ever met. She appreciated every little thing that we did for her and her husband Tom. She was bursting with kindness and remained that way throughout her life and years later when I married her nephew, she was so happy to welcome me into the family. I knew most of Jimmy's family way before I ever met Jimmy, so the transition for me into his family was very easy for me as well as for them.

Aunt Ollie was born in Clay County, Kentucky on Feb. 17, 1903 and was the sixth of 13 children. She was a sister to Jimmy's mother and now her brother Uncle Ben is the lone survivor, as he was the baby. I'm not really sure of his age, but I do know that he is in his 90's and lives in Indiana. He attended the Family Reunion this past July, but Aunt Ollie was put into the hospital a few days before the reunion and was not able to attend this year. She was 104 1/2 years old and lived a long & good life. Her husband Tom died several years ago and they were married for 70 years.

When Aunt Ollie was 102 she had to give up quilting, but still remained active and enjoyed crocheting. She had many jobs throughout her lifetime and in addition to work as a midwife, she worked at Churchill Weavers for 19 years. And during WW II, she worked for the Blue Grass Army Depot crating ammo for the war and she also took over the care of her son's dairy farm while her son went off to war. She also worked for Berea College testing milk at the college creamery.

Aunt Ollie was also the oldest member of her church and enjoyed singing in the church. In the picture above with Jimmy, Aunt Ollie kept asking Jimmy to give her a ride on his motorcycle and Jimmy kept putting her off as nicely as he could without hurting her feelings...after all, she was 102 years old. He didn't want to upset her grandchildren who would not take it so kindly if Jimmy took her for a ride. If it was just up to him & his Aunt Ollie, he would have granted her wish, but he was also afraid that something might happen to her while on the ride. She was a feisty little lady with a good sharp mind and a great sense of humor and she will be missed by all her family & many friends.


Granny said...

Bless her heart. A long life and a good one.

Anonymous said...

I just couldn't imagine living that long.

PEA said...

What a wonderful lady she was and certainly made good use of all her years, bless her heart. My condolences to all the family, I can see why she would be missed. xox

Susie said...

This was a loving tribute to a special lady. I remember some of your previous posts about her.
My heartfelt sympathy to your family and may she rest in peace..

Rachel said...

Oh Sandy, I'm sorry to hear that she passed away. She did live a long life! My condolences to all.

Motherkitty said...

What a sad day for the family, to lose such a beautiful woman. She lived long, did lots of interesting things in her lifetime, and was loved by so many. What more can you say about a person. Our deepest condolences to the entire family.

JunieRose2005 said...


I know this dear lady will be missed!

I'm sorry.


Alipurr said...

very sweet memories. sad at the same time

what a testimony of God's goodness her life is

thanks for posting

Kerri said...

What a sweet tribute to a great lady Sandy. I'm sure she'll be missed, having been so loved and loving during her long life.
I can imagine her smiling down from Heaven, shaking her head and saying, "Don't be sad, I'm having the time of my life!"
We went to a funeral on of Ross's aunts died. She was in her 80's. The funeral was a good one...a lovely memorial to a lady who enjoyed her life.
We had more rain last night. I hope you're getting some!

T*mmy said...

So sorry to hear about Aunt Ollie!
My Hubby's grandmother that I admired so was born in 1902 so had she lived she would have been near the same age!
She died at the age of 87 and after living an independant and active lifestyle...I wanna be like her when I grow up!
Love that generation of women!!
(((hugs to you)))