Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Surprise, Surprise...

Last Friday evening, as I walked outside I noticed that my giant hibiscus had made some beautiful seed pods that were beginning to break open. Last year they failed to make any usable seeds, so I was very excited and asked Jimmy to go get us a bag, while I retrieved the scissors. My plan was to gather the seeds and run them over to Motherkitty & Tomas, but Jimmy said that it was too late in the day to start on the journey to their home across our very long state, so he suggested we start early the next morning while it was cool.

We gathered the deep dark pink and some light pink seeds, but when we went to the white hibiscus bush we discovered that those seeds weren't any good. Tomas had mentioned in his blog that since he was as old as he was, that he was going to celebrate his birthday for the entire month of August so the wheels in my brain began to turn and I decided to surprise him for his birthday...which he now had opened to any day in August.

Of course when you surprise someone there is always the possibility that they won't be home when you come to call. That had happened to us once before, so I made a plan just for that occasion. I found some of my hibiscus pictures after much searching and made an 8 x 10 collage of pictures with planting instructions. I stapled shut the brown paper bag with the seeds in it. My plan was to slide the paper bag with instructions into their kitty door and then head back towards home, leaving no note. As I did before, I would have taken a picture of us in front of their home, this time holding the brown paper sack and emailed it to them later.
This was not a good day to be on a motorcycle, it was much tooooo HOT, but we were over halfway there before I realized this and it was closer to keep on going than to turn around and go back home. Thankfully they were home and you should have seen the surprised look on Tomas' face when he answered the door. Motherkitty was either napping or changing out of her bathing suit...I really don't know, but she was also very surprised to see us. And boy was it nice to be in their air-conditioned home. I needed about an hour to recover from the hot ride. Their thermometer said it was 104ºF and I felt like a baked potato when I arrived. Once Motherkitty made me a nice cold drink, followed by another and another I felt much better, so then Motherkitty & I went for a swim in their refreshing pool. The swirling water felt very soothing to my aching shoulder muscles. I must have really looked over-cooked & in distress when I first arrived, because Tomas even came rushing to me with a glass of ice cold water. I had a drink in each hand.

After our nice swim and catching up on all the news, Motherkitty fixed us one of her wonderful meals. I've only seen one other person who could whip-up a delicious meal in an instant and that was grandma H. Motherkitty surprises the heck out of me with her quickness at getting a meal together on such short notice. That's another reason we don't call before we come because she'll go out and shop and spend lots of money on groceries. Another thing she apologized for was the house...she said it wasn't clean, but I've never seen it dirty and I tell her that we don't come to see her house anyway, but to see them. I think we all react the same way when someone just drops in...right away we think we should apologize if there is a dust bunny floating about or a newspaper laying on the couch out of place. It must be a woman thing, because the men never apologize for anything that might be out of place...and I'm not saying that anything was out of place in their home, I was just speaking in general.
Jimmy & I spent the night with them and on Sunday morning we all went out to eat for breakfast and said our goodbye's. The ride home was hot, but thank God it was overcast and cloudy. I was wishing for rain to wet us and cool us off, but no such luck. We stopped often to soak a cooling cloth into the ice cold water of our cooler which I draped around my neck and back to keep me cool as I rode my motorcycle. And to be honest with you, I was wishing that we were riding in our air-conditioned car, but once we left that half of the state the weather seemed to get a little cooler. The heat doesn't bother Jimmy at all...the hotter it is the better he likes it.

We had a wonderful visit but I can't say the same for the ride. I only wish the weather would cool down a bit or that Jimmy would consent to riding in a car once in a while on trips. But until he does we will continue to ride for as long as we can, but next time we are taking both of the cooling cloths with us, not just mine and I'll use them both at the same time. Of course...if Jimmy gets too hot, I'll share.

On another note....We have some sprinkling of rain as I write, YIPEE! I can't remember the last time it rained...I'd have to look it up in my archives, hehehe. It's just a light sprinkling but a light sprinkling is better than none at all. Rachel of Sliding Through Life is on her way here for a visit, so I think she is bringing the rain with her as she usually gets more rain than we do. Thank you Rachel and you are welcomed here anytime. I'm only kidding...you can come to visit any time even if you don't bring any rain with you.


T*mmy said...

Sounds like a nice visit you had...yep in this heat a car with AC is the only way to go!!
I'm glad you and Rachel can get together again and wish you many raind drops!!

jellyhead said...

Good to hear you had such a happy visit with Tomas and Motherkitty (even though it started with you beet red in the face! - poor overheated Sandy!)

I love that photo of the centre of a hibiscus flower - it's fabulous!

Rachel said...

Well, just as I expected that rain didn't come here. It was barely sprinkling when I left but that's all we got. It is still hot and dry here. It rained on me all the way up there and part of the way back, even with the sun shining. But on the way back it quit once I got to Renfro Valley. I was sooooo hoping we would get the rain too. Drats!!!!

I enjoyed our late afternoon lunch! It was mighty good and your granddaughter is very sweet and pretty!

Your flowers are beautiful!!

PEA said...

How wonderful that you were able to surprise Tomas and Motherkitty with your visit...not so good about the hot ride there though! I love the air conditioning in my car, I always have it on high and blowing right at me from all directions! lol I don't think I'd survive if we had your kind of heat...when it's 80f I find it way too hot!! Looking forward to hearing about your visit with Rachel:-) xox

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
It made me hot just reading about that ride in those high temps! I can imagine what a wonderful hostess MK is. Glad you had a wonderful visit.
It's hot here too, but soon we'll be off to the land of rain and very cold! (Alaska) The nice warmth will feel good when we return..

Tanya said...

Such pretty flowers! Glad the trip was fun.

Kerri said...

That top photograph is so beautiful Sandy! What a color! It's the perfect pink.
Sounds like a really fun visit, after you got cooled off! Goodness, you'll have to convince Jimmy to ride in the car in that kind of heat.
I'm glad you had such a nice time. Yep, MK sounds like a wonderful hostess for sure. Had to smile at them both bringing you a cold drink :)
I hope you get some good rain soon. I don't like these cooler temps. A happy medium would be nice for both of us, wouldn't it? :)

Jamie Dawn said...

A visit from Rachel ANY time means that blessings will be "raining" on you for sure!
It has been so hot here too, so I can understand your feeling like a baked potato after that long, hot ride.
That cool dip in the pool must have been glorious!!
What a nice visit you had. I hope the weather cools down for all of us. :-)

David said...

i am just saying "hi, and happy weekend!"