Monday, August 20, 2007


Since when are coins not considered to be money? Or bills larger than a $20 questioned?

Today I saw this sign and thought to myself, "it's a good thing I don't just have a $50 or a $100 dollar bill on me, or I wouldn't be able to pay."

It is becoming increasingly difficult to travel and pay for things with cash. And after seeing this sign I am about ready to make myself a name tag that reads: I do not accept coins as change...please round up to the next dollar.

I first encountered the cash problem in Virginia when we stopped for the night and the night manager of a well known motel said, "Your room will be $110. Will that be cash or credit?"
I got out my purse and began counting out $110 in cash and she promptly told me that they didn't accept cash. I of course reminded her that she said, "cash or credit," of which she replied that they didn't accept real cash, so I told her that I didn't have any counterfeit cash on me, and this would have to do. I was paying with two $50 dollar bills and a $10 and she then asked me if I had a credit card. I told her yes and gave it to her to pay for our room. I guess it was the two $50's that scared her. We don't carry any bills larger than $2o anymore.

I know that establishments are afraid that they might get stuck with counterfeit bills, but what is it with coins? Can't they count? Or don't they want to take the time to count coins?

We truly are becoming a world of plastic.


Rachel said...

Oh Mercy!! I guess you could carry one of those little pens to mark the money with like they do here at the Dollar Store! They'll even check 10's and 5's sometimes!! Must be lots of crooks out there!
Unfortunately I guess that's true, plus not having cash helps them not to get robbed. Sad ain't it?

CONNIE W said...

My husband told me once that they also want the customer to have already established a line of credit to cover any possibility of damage to the room or theft (people still steal towels, robes, etc.). My parents almost quit traveling because they don't pay with credit cards, it's either cash or checks. Senior citizens are sometimes offended that their money 'isn't good enough' and it's a shame. I stopped paying by check at stores that made it such a hassle and finally started carrying plastic, using debit card for my day to day purchases like grocery or WalMart for supplies, and credit cards for big ticket items. It's turning into a cash-less, paper-less society I do believe.

susan said...

We use more and more plastic now, since our credit card offers rebates - 3% on gas purchases, 1% on everything else. It is so convenient and faster, especially when traveling.

I heard through the grapevine that you made a surprise visit to motherkitty! You have a great life, being able to just hop on your bike and go at a moment's notice!

Have a great day!

Tomas Dennis said...

We pay for everything except the coins for newspapers with plastic. It is truly now a plastic society.
I haven't had any money in my pocket since I retired. The money was for stopping and getting something to eat, drink and gas for the auto. Now I do not drive at all and plastic is the norm.

Ava said...

This is truly an aggrivating thing! I hadn't heard of anywhere not accepting coins though.

Val said...

Imagine what it's like for people coming from other countries. I have long had problems dealing with banks, even cashing American Express cheques which are already in U.S. dollars! They asked me if I had an account there - like, that's why I have travelers cheques because...I'm a tourist and don't have a local account! And the credit card is not accepted everywhere, and not all ATMs accept overseas cards for cash withdrawals. I could go on, but you get the idea.

Motherkitty said...

I don't think I ever carry anything more than $5 in my wallet these days. I only use debit or credit. Even with the threat of identity theft, it's still more convenient than carrying a lot of cash.

I think it's outrageous that a hotel/motel would not accept cash. It's probably because they have a policy of not keeping large amounts of money in their safe. Too much of a temptation for someone to steal the cash. I do find it ridiculous though that they asked for cash or credit and then would not accept your cash. That's a big DUH!