Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Headless Apparition

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Is this a headless apparition that appeared on our front porch tonight after dark? Some ghostly ghoul coming to steal my candy & sweet treats on Halloween night?

NO, it's much worse than that! It's my digital camera going bonkers. I did add the "Happy Halloween" to the picture, but other than that, the camera did the rest. It's not some sort of trick photography, but a malfunctioning camera. It's pretty neat sometimes, but sometimes you just want a nice clear picture...not a spooky looking Tori without a head.

I hope you passed out all of your Halloween candy and didn't eat it all yourself...gulp.


T*mmy said...

Trix or Treats Miz Sandy!

Have a great evening!

Susie said...

Weird Picture! Happy Halloween!

doubleknot said...

Strange picture. My expensive camera took a dive and only fuzzy pictures come out so I am back to my cheap one that I really like better. We get to eat the candy we didn't have one trick or treater but where we live they don't encourge kids to go out they have fairs and activities for them.

Tomas Dennis said...

We saw some funny looking dogs and folks last night in town.

Alipurr said...

we only had 3 come, so lots of candy left

Jamie Dawn said...

A headless ghoul would not steal candy.
How would the ghoul eat it without a mouth???
Hmmmm....I'm pondering that deep, deep question.

Cool photo, even if it was a malfunction.