Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Weekend...

The weekend is starting to shape out nicely already. Friday afternoon Sharon & Megan treated Jimmy & I to a wonderful late afternoon supper at a lovely Mongolian restaurant in Lexington. They brought one of their church friends with them to join us and to Megan & Sharon's surprise, their church friend turned out to be Jimmy's cousin. Zac was supposed to have joined us too, but you know that darn work sometimes gets in the way of a little fun. ..So maybe next time Zac.

I never miss an opportunity to brag on my beautiful granddaughter and I think she is pretty enough to be in the movies, if I don't say so myself. I may be mistaken, but I think Zac probably took this picture of her...He always takes such beautiful pictures of his sisters, but he can't miss with such beautiful subjects. Megan is quite a photographer herself... she may have even taken the picture herself. I don't know who took it but she sure is p.r.e.t.t.y. I lifted this picture from Megs Myspace site...I couldn't resist.Isn't Megan a beauty? She's currently a freshman at the university and she's seeking part-time employment. I guess they just don't give her enough homework to keep her busy, hehehe. It's not at all how I remember my college days. It seemed that I never had extra time for anything but homework.
Saturday Jimmy puttered around the house taking care of fixing some little things that needed fixing and then we watched the Green Mile again. I love that movie and have watched it several times. During the last half of the movie we baked some frozen pizzas and not five minutes after I got my pizza eaten up, Matt & Tori called to ask us out to eat. What a bummer! Their timing is always off and we have had to declined their invitations many times. I hope that one of these days we'll get in sync with each other.

We did get to see them later that evening when they came over, along with Suzanne to play board games again. We snacked and played several types of games. Matt wins at Scrab*ble, so of course that is his favorite game to play. Tori & Suzanne prefer Aggra*vation, a marble game that requires absolutely no thinking to win...well maybe a little strategy sometimes, but the more you make a game plan, the more likely you are not to win the game. It's purely a game of chance and a lot of disappointments as you are repeatedly sent home to start the game over from the beginning. Hence the name Aggrava*tion. We sometimes call the game SORRY because you spend a lot of time saying sorry to your opponents, as you knock them back home.

The games lasted until about midnight and then we wished them a safe ride home. Jimmy hasn't been playing lately because the bull riding championships are still on, but we play right by his side so he can join in on the laughter & fun we have. Besides, we like to aggravate him while we play. hehehe. That's one good thing about our small house, it's so small that you are never very far away from one another.

The weekend is still young...we still have one more day and also an extra hour because at 2:00 a.m. this morning we will set our clocks back one hour. I hope everyone is having a fun filled weekend. I know I am and I love it!!!


Peter said...

Hi Sandy, you're right Megan is lovely, as are all the ladies in your family, I think I've caught up on all my blog roll at last, it takes a while when you get behind.

Meg said...

Ahhh whats nice things to say bout me, your too sweet. Well Zac does take really good pics but i took this one of myself hehe!

Susie said...

Sounds like you're having a great time! I can hear the smiles in your post :)
We always enjoy a family board game after our Sunday dinners. Our daughter is hosting tonight, so not sure what we'll be playing.
We're enjoying beautiful CA sunshine!

Val said...

A real stunner.

And on a completely different topic: loved the poop photo. More please!

Rachel said...

She is beautiful! I'm sure the guys are constantly after her!

Playing board games is fun! It's been a real pretty weekend but I think it's going to get colder this week. You'll get to try out your new heat!

Jamie Dawn said...

I am glad I'm adding years to your life instead of taking some away. :-)
I used floral wire to make my daughter's braids stick out like that. It was fun! I told her it felt like she was a little girl again with me fixing her hair.

Megan is truly a beauty! The current crop of young movie stars aren't nearly as cute as she is. Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears MOVE OVER!! Here comes Megan!!!!

My brother and I sometimes play Literati online. Literati is an online game of Scrabble found on Yahoo games. It is fun because we can play a game together, him in CA and me in AR. We just played one the other night. I love word games!

You talking about that Mongolian restaurant made me crave some good Chinese food. I haven't had any in FORever.
It's high time I ate with chopsticks again.

Andi said...

Who is that pretty girl? Haven't seen her for a while! :-) Love that Mongolian Grill - nice treat! Love, a

T*mmy said...

Megan is gorgeous!!

Hubby and I used to have a little travel version of Aggrevation and one day we took it to the bedroom to play as the kids were little and napping...well old Uncle George knocked at the front door and when Hubby told him that we had been in bed playing Aggrevation, he said, "So that's what they are calling "it" these days!'!!

Have a great day!

LZ Blogger said...

Sandy - That sounds like a very nice weekend! And I know both Sharon and Megan's looks don't fall far from that "SANDY Tree!" Can I get an AMEN here? ~ jb///