Saturday, October 06, 2007


Well my #1 son showed up this morning and I guess I must have gotten my mornings screwed's not the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last time I forget and get dates confused. I'm lucky to even know what day of the week it is. Why do I need to know what day of the week it is anyway? All I need to be sure of is that I wake up above ground level. hehehe. I'm retired after all and I haven't worn a watch in years either.

Sometimes when I ask Jimmy what day it is he says, "Look at the calendar, it's right behind you." How the heck am I supposed to know what day it is by just looking at the calendar? It gives me 7 days to choose from. That's why I finally put that little bald guy, with the ever changing hair, on my side I'd know what day it was, but the day isn't even highlighted. I may have to change him. But one sure way of knowing the date is to write a post on my blog. So now you know the secret of why I really write blog posts...that's the only way I can keep tract of what day it is.

Jimmy finally talked me into going for a ride today. The longer I stay off my bike (that's what I call my motorcycle for you new comers to my blog) the harder it is for me to get back on it. What's that all about? I'm not afraid of riding, but I make up all kinds of excuses of why I can't go and I tell him that he should just go take a ride by himself. I try to talk him into going to visit a friend or something and sometimes he does and sometimes he doesn't.

Today he made me feel guilty and was relentless in his pursuit, so I caved in...Not without a few words under my breath and some I made sure he heard. I didn't say anything bad or anything that would hurt his feelings. I just complained about everything. I even got out my albuterol or whatever you call that little thing you suck medicine through and acted like I couldn't breathe very well in this heat. I wasn't kidding and I wasn't really acting but I did act like a drama queen and over did it a bit. It didn't work....he kept on getting things ready and rolled my bike & his out of the garage. I complained at the gas station while filling my bike up too and I told him that I wasn't going to lead. I've said that before, but he always makes me lead anyway, but today he went first and led the way. I followed and you know what??? I ended up really having a great time. I listened to my music and thanked God for the cloud cover.

We stopped to talk a lot during our ride and he told me that this was the first day he has felt really good in a while, meaning it had been a while since I consented to go for a ride with him. So tomorrow we are off again to places unknown, to see what we can see. Maybe we'll get lucky and see some wildlife or beautiful landscapes with babbling brooks or maybe it will even rain. Today I noticed that the leaves are beginning to change into their beautiful fall colors in some places. A trip further south might just be the place to ride to tomorrow or would that be north?

A note to those that think that maybe I might be keeping Jimmy from riding...Nah.
He rides his bike everyday somewhere. He uses it like all the rest of us use our cars when we need to run an errand or go to the grocery for milk. He just loves it when I want to go on a long ride with him and I love it too, BUT sometimes it's just tooooo hot for me to enjoy being out in the sweltering hot sun. It's October for heaven's sake! Why is it still so hot???


Tomas Dennis said...

I just noticed that you posted something on the blog. That sunshine does something to the wind on a bike that a car cannot do.
Take care, love ya

Granny said...

It's cooled off some here but the late afternoons are still warm.

Ray napping at the moment so I'm doing my two favorite things.

Watching baseball and chatting with friends.

JunieRose2005 said...


We have not been on our bike much in a long while. It really HAS been too hot to enjoy riding- also-here we have LOVE BUGS the months of May and September. The were real bad this time and are still around, even into October! but I'm hoping we can take a long ride soon.

I also have trouble keeping up with what day it is! They are all the same so how can you know??

Take care,


jellyhead said...

Sandy, I still think you're gutsy to ride your bike at all - even if you don't go out too often. All the gear you have to wear on the bike must make it pretty hot in summer, too.

Glad you enjoyed your rides, and hope today's rides were just as happy!

david santos said...

I came to visit you to desire a good week to you.
Much attention with our children. It has many criminals who steal them and kill.
Until always

Rachel said...

Yes, why is it still so hot??? Good question that I asked myself yesterday several times! Glad you went for that ride Sandy!!

I'm glad your son turned up after all. I can't hardly keep the days straight either. You are not alone!

Alice said...

I've never ridden a motorbike but sometimes I think it must be a wonderful way to travel and see the world.

There was piece on the news recently about a young man from England who rode around the world on a bicycle. He thought it would take 5 years, but actually took 13 years. He had all sorts of adventures and misadventures, included two broken legs from one accident.

I hope you continue to enjoy your rides as the weather cools. You're a gutsy lady!

Ava said...

I know what you mean about not knowing what day it is!!!!! My computer usually tells me what day it is too!!!!

Glad to hear that you went for a ride. I know how much you have enjoyed it in the past.

Now that you've been riding your own bike, do you ever ride double anymore?

doubleknot said...

Know what you mean about losing track of the days - my son in law showed me that if I held the curser over the time it would tell me the day and the date. We usually know it is Tuesday because we put out the trash - we know it is Wednesday because we put the trash out the day before - isn't it pitiful. To keep track of my appointments I am a sticky note fanatic - all in order right were I can see them and would you belive it I still mess up sometimes!

Mary said...

There's nothing like taking off on a bike to leave your worries and cares behind. I don't ride anymore, but used to and I miss it, but the drivers on the roads here are crazy and it's worth your life to drive a bike even for a block.

Enjoy! Time with your son is one of the most important you will ever experience.


Mary said...


I've tagged you in the 8 Things That Make Me, Me game. If you'd like to play, visit my website for the instructions. It is a lot of fun, but if you'd rather not, that's okay too.


Susan said...

You are sooo nice that I have sent this Nice Matters award to you, come on over and pick it up here.

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
Glad you two got out and enjoyed a ride together. That heat just sounds so very uncomfortable.
It's really feeling like fall here and we've actually had quite a bit of rain.

T*mmy said...

You've got an award at my place...

LZ Blogger said...

Still riding in October? COOL! (or warm in your case!) ~ jb///