Saturday, October 13, 2007

Surprise...It's my birthday again!

Today I was delightfully surprised by a brief visit from Rachel of Sliding Through Life bearing flowers for my birthday. Of course my birthday was last month, but hey, who cares, I'll accept gifts anytime, hehehe. Aren't the mums pretty and I had just the right spot to put them in. Thank you Rachel, you are such a dear, sweet and thoughtful friend and I'm glad we met through blogging.
Rachel also gave me this birthday card, and I wonder where she got my picture from as I don't remember posting this picture of me on the internet. She also brought me a bag of assorted truffles and unlike JD's bag of truffles, my truffles arrived intact and all empty wrappers for me, but of course they were hand delivered by Rachel herself, on a cool day. As I recall JD's truffles had to be sent by mail and since they wouldn't transport well, due to meltage by the hot summer sun, Rachel was kind enough to eat them so JD wouldn't get a gooey chocolaty mess in her mailbox, hehehe. It was the thought that counted, and of course Rachel is always very thoughtful. I hunted and hunted trying to find Jamie Dawn's post about her birthday surprise from Rachel, but I couldn't find it so I was unable to link to that particular post.

Rachel couldn't visit long today because she was on her way to a family reunion and was already running late. She did take the opportunity to tell me that she called and talked with our mutual friend Carole of PEA's Corner and wished her a Happy Birthday because today is Pea's Birthday. Happy Birthday Sweet Pea! You and I share birthdays...sort of.


Rachel said...

It was wonderful seeing you and Jimmy, even if it was brief! I had a great time today with my family! Hope the yard sale went well.

I hope you tried some of those truffles!! :)

Rachel said...

If that is you on the card then you sure have a cheerful toothy smile!!

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
It's fun to have birthdays that are spread out over several days/weeks!
Rachel was so thoughtful. Love those pretty yellow mums. How fun that she got to talk to Pea. Pea and I were just emailing yesterday that we need to have another phone chat!

JunieRose2005 said...


Now that's the kind of birthdays I like...the ones that last and last...

It's so cool you and Rachel live close enough to visit.

OH! We went for a Victory Ride today! It was a perfect day to ride!


Jamie Dawn said...

A Happy Truffle-rific Birthday!!

I hope you found a good hiding place for those truffles. They have a way of getting eaten by others if you're not careful. :-)

PEA said...

Hello dear Sandy:-) Thank you so very much for the birthday wishes!! My company has just left so I'm finally able to get some visiting done! lol It was such a wonderful surprise to get that phone call from Rachel and I felt so comfortable with her right away...I foresee more phone calls between us:-) Love what she brought for you....hey you and I could be twins we look so much alike! LOL xoxo

Mary said...


The mums are beautiful. My neighbor bought me a beautiful red mum about a month ago. It is beautiful. Fall flowers are always welcome and the card is so cute.

Have a great week.

Tomas Dennis said...

Everyday is a holiday.
Happy Birthday

T*mmy said...

Happy Birthday "Again"

Sweet Rachel!

I'm sure she had a lovely talk with Miz Pea...we've talked a couple of times and she is just as sweet as she can be!

Hope you are having a wonderful day!