Friday, October 26, 2007

She's not afraid

I think I have mentioned it before somewhere, that our cats come running to greet us when we come home from a days ride. They're not afraid of our bikes because we have always had bikes as long as they have been around and they don't see them as threats. I really don't know how they distinguish between our bikes and the riding lawnmower, but they all scatter to find suitable hiding places from the lawnmower and even the vacuum cleaner.

The short video below shows just how trusting our cats are to motorcycles. We don't encourage this behavior because it could be harmful to them, but on this day when Jimmy & Brian were trying to install speakers to Jimmy's bike, one of the cats known as Wildcat Mama decided she wanted to sit on the saddlebags & listen to the music while the bike was running. She ended up falling asleep there while they worked and remained there until they were done.

Now that I know how to put videos on my blog I can embarrass my kids and grandkids by putting up some of the clips I have of them. hehehe or maybe I should say, Muahahahaha!
I'm just soooo bad...and enjoying every minute of it too.


T*mmy said...

I don't know Sandy...I think you got competition there gal...that kitty loves Jimmy is what it looks like...she is hopelessly wuv!!

Kerri said...

She's totally trusting, isn't she? Our kitties will sit in the driveway and not move if someone drives up it. They won't move even when the cars come right up to them. It's pretty embarrassing that they appear to be too stupid to move! So far they've been lucky!

Granny said...

That's so cute!!

Rachel said...

Great video of Jimmy's butt!! HaHa!!

I'm surprised that Wildcat Mama stayed there while the motorcycle was started. Is she deaf???? If not deaf, then very trusting indeed!

Tomas Dennis said...

Wildcat Mama loves Jimmy and country music. She also loves Kentucky Basketball.