Sunday, October 28, 2007

Our water shortage has ended

Our water restrictions have been lifted, so we can start using water again for our basic needs. The cats will be so happy to have their litter box back and not have to share it with us any longer. hehehe

Don't you fret none...that's a staged picture with fake plastic poop. We didn't go that far with our water restrictions, but you could have gotten that bad if we hadn't received the rain we got last week.

We're still going to be cautious with our water usage, by turning it off when we're actually not using it. It's not a bad idea to conserve as much water as possible and not be wasteful. Just because we got a little rain last week, doesn't mean we can go hog wild with our most precious natural resource, water. To me it's worth more than diamonds or gold.


Tomas Dennis said...

When I was dropped out I just buried my dropping in the woods just like all the rest of the creatures on the planet except those poor creatures in Central Park, New York who have to wear a diaper or have someone following behind them.

Rachel said...

Ha!! Who did you get to pose for that picture?? Sharon??

Shame on y'all using the litter box!!! Your poor cats will need therapy after finding human piles in there!! They might think they did it!! LOL

Very cute Sandy!! You are right, we should conserve all we can. Water is precious and we sure can not live without it.

Sandy said...

Rachel...Tori posed for the picture. In fact, the picture was her idea and I told her to be careful and warned her that anything she posed for willingly was subject to be put on my blog. hehehe
Jimmy said to tell you that when the cats saw the piles they covered them up, thinking that they had forgotten. hehehe

jellyhead said...

You're very wise, sandy, to remain careful with your water use. It IS such a vital resource.

We`are still on very tight water restrictions here, and water conservation has become a way of life. I'm sure even if the restrictions were lifted, we'd keep using at a lower rate than we used's become habit. Which is good.

Thanks for commisserating with me over the lost car story by sharing your story. I feel much better having such excellent company!

PEA said...

Well I'm sure glad you explained about that picture! ROFL!! Glad to hear the water restrictions there have been lifted...we have no water again tonight...arrrggghhhh! I was just about to take my shower when I realized no water was coming out. Seems that big water main they had patched up last week started leaking again so now they're changing it, meaning they've had to shut the water off. Sigh. xox

Susan said...

You are so bad with that picture! It sounds like you have a lot of fun at your house.

T*mmy said...

OMG, Miz are such a prankster!

Have a great day!