Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend warmth & Monday morning chill

I wasn't ready for this sight, when Jimmy woke me up this morning and said, "Honey, come look at this!" I went to the opened door where he was standing and the ground and roofs of our out-buildings looked like they were covered in snow. It thankfully wasn't snow, but just a heavy frost. Our trees are still full with green leaves, so there wasn't any frost underneath them. Just beyond the trees, it was all white for as far as you could see.

A nice fire was warming the house, just as it had done for the entire weekend. The grandchildren stood in front of the warm fire to warm themselves as they came in from the cold on Friday night to play some board games. It was Matt, Tori, a firefighter friend of Matt's, and my youngest child Suzanne. We started with the Mexican Dominoes that Motherkitty had given me for my birthday and went on to play Aggravation and then Scrabble. After a late night of games, Matt remembered that he had to get up early for work the next morning.

Tori & Suzanne came back alone on Saturday with an early Christmas gift for me and that's when Tori got silly with the plastic fake poop. She made all of us pose in some way with it, even Jimmy, but I'm not going to post any of those silly poop pictures don't even ask. least not yet.
No, the gift was not the plastic poop, but a Santa that moons. heard me right! A Santa that moons and says silly things and sometimes sings a silly song. I'll have to put it out of reach of the younger grandchildren, so they don't accidentally push the button. The Santa looks like a normal nice Santa, so it won't be hard to pass him off as such....Just as long as no one pushes that button. I just might cover the button with fake snow or better yet remove the batteries. The mooning Santa must have been the reason the fake plastic poop was brought out.

Tori & Suzanne left and returned later that day for another late night of playing board games. This time Jimmy wouldn't join us because of the PBR (Professional Bull Riding) Championships. Despite constant pleas for him to join us by Tori he wouldn't budge away from his TV, so it was just the three of us.

Something quite mysterious happened to us in the middle of an Aggravation game. Tori started to speak Spanish, well what she can remember of what she learned of Spanish which is not much, and I joined in the best I could, which is not much either. Suzanne kept saying, "what?!??" because she didn't take Spanish in school and the more she said "what?" the more we got tickled and laughed & was very contagious. I think you would have had to have been there and I'm glad Jimmy was in another room because the more we laughed the hotter the room got, so we opened the window beside us while the fire roared in the fireplace. We laughed about the imaginary dollar bills floating out the window as the fireplace is a natural gas fireplace insert. We got so light headed laughing at just any little thing that we decided that there must be carbon monoxide* in the room so we went outside. Once settled down and cooled off we came back inside, stood by the warm fire and started a new game of Scrabble. The silliness continued into the night.

Sunday they came back, and since the PBR was still on they brought a fourth player for our games...Matt.
And the silliness continued.

*We have a fully functional carbon monoxide detector in case you were wondering. We just get high on laughter here at our house.


doubleknot said...

Getting high on laughter how great can that be. And to have your family and friends to share with - you have a blessed home.

Kerri said...

Still crazy after all these years :)
Those kids just keep coming back for more, don't they?
Sounds like you had a blast :)