Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Southern California in flames

We've had two glorious days of slow steady rain and we're working on a third day today. I'm sure every drop helps the fight we're having with the drought. I've watched as our trees have begun their colorful journey into fall, but have not been able to get any pictures because of the rain. Just take my word for it...they're beautiful.

I've spent several hours a day watching the fires burning my beautiful home state of California, and worrying about my family there. Luckily all are safe for now, but the fires aren't too far from some of them. My step-sister told me that there are three fires burning on different sides of her and right now the fires are about 40 minutes away by car. One of my cousins has had to evacuate their home, got to return to it, but they're still not out of danger. My heart & my prayers go out to all of them and to all of the people caught up in this blazing inferno. Thank goodness the winds are supposed to die down sometime this afternoon making fighting the fires a little more tolerable for all of those brave firefighters.

Although the fires were thought to have started by some downed power lines, they have caught one arsonist in the act of starting another fire, and it's no telling how many other fires he started before he was caught. Or even if he is the only other arsonist starting more fires that cause such destruction to property and to life...not just human life, but animal life as well.

When I logged onto blogger this morning, I intended on sharing some jokes with you, but then my mind went on to the fires. So the jokes just don't seem very appropriate to share at this time. I'll save them and share them with you at another more pleasant time.

Hope all is well with everyone and I wish I could somehow share this rain with the people of Southern California.


T*mmy said...

Blogger just ate my comment...stupid blogger!!!

Anyhow, I said...

We got a lot of rain yesterday and I was wishing I could send some of it to California.

My prayers are with yours that all would be well with them soon!

Love YOU!

Paige said...

When we went through there for vacation this year you could still see the damage from the last round of fires. Bless them all!

Tag you're it

Susie said...

This is just such a tragedy for our beautiful state. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the fire. Most communities here in Northern CA have sent teams to help fight the fires.
I don't think any rain is forecast, but they say that the winds are dying back which will help.

PEA said...

I've been watching it all on CNN and it's so devastating what's going on in California right now. My heart goes out to all those who have lost everything..prayers that your family stays safe!! xox

Rachel said...

We have gotten lots of much needed rain. We had 3.5 inches in the rain gauge earlier.

I feel bad for the folks in CA. That area is prone to fire it seems. I sure wish they would get some rain. My heart goes out to them and all the poor critters that get burned up too. So sad...........

Jamie Dawn said...

My brother lives in southern CA. I spoke with him last night. He is not in danger, but he said the sky is clouded with smoke. He's a teacher, and the school cancelled their track meet due to poor air quality.
It really is terrible! I feel badly for all those people who've lost their homes, and for those who don't know if their homes have been burned or not.
I'm glad your family there is okay. It will be good when they finally get all the fires under control.
Arsonists should be treated harshly. They not only cause property damage, but human and animal lives have been lost due to these wildfires.
God bless all those who are working so hard to put out those fires.

ICECAZ Productions said...

I've got two of my friends out there who may have to get out.

TUFFENUF said...

I thought the same thing this morning; wouldn't it be nice if could take our rain and send it to California. Someday maybe we will invent a way to control the weather.

Kerri said...

Mother Nature sometimes wreaks havoc, doesn't she? Those poor people are in my prayers too.I hope the danger will be over for them soon.
Arsonists have very sick minds. I agree they should be severely punished.