Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving Day Menu

I hope that your Thanksgiving is shaping up to be as pretty as I anticipate ours will be this year. Today the temperatures are in the 60's and tomorrow my little weather forecaster is telling me that we should expect it to reach 72ยบ f. I'm thrilled, and at the same time torn about the nice weather for tomorrow because, tomorrow will be a day I spend indoors preparing all that I can get done ahead of time before our big family gathering on Thursday.

Our Thanksgiving Day menu above is what I'll be preparing except for the Hashbrown Casserole that Sharon will be bringing, the Strawberry Cream Squares that Suzanne will fix, Brian will bring his famous cheeseball and Peanut usually brings us Banana Pudding and sometimes dressing. Our dinner is potluck, so there will also be many other surprise dishes that are not listed on the menu above. I'm sure there will be plenty for everyone as I am baking two turkeys, so if you're in the area on Thursday, Nov. 22 at noon...feel free to stop in and join us.

Happy turkey day to all and may your day be filled with family & friends.


JunieRose2005 said...

What beautiful fall scenes! :) Lucky you- to have all that around you.

And your menu is almost exactly like mine!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


jellyhead said...

Wait a moment, I need to wipe the drool from my chin!!

The photos are glorious, and the menu sounds scrumptious! If only I was going to be in your area on November 22nd!!

Hope you have a joyous Thanksgiving, Sandy.

Rachel said...

Great pictures Sandy. The menu sounds mighty tasty!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Kelly Malloy said...

Beautiful pics and a yummy menu!

Alipurr said...

how beautiful are the trees
almost wish we were coming over there!

Kerri said...

I see you finally got your spectacular fall colors Sandy. These photos are gorgeous! What a glorious place that is. A pond in the woods...who could ask for more?
Your menu sounds delicious! You'll have to have everyone over again on Friday to help eat the leftovers! :) I'm sure you all had a wonderful time together.
We did too.
Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours!

doubleknot said...

The trees are just beautiful. By the time I arrived in Georgia most of the color was gone.

Skye said...

Wow - gorgeous Fall pictures!!! Thanks for sharing!