Monday, November 19, 2007

Busy Busy He

My sweetheart stays busy

from morning til dark.

Always busy doing something

always moving around.

Repairs…who needs a repairman

when he is so handy?

He can fix about anything

as long as he can see it,

or simply just feel it.

But getting him to stop

at the end of the day

is not always as easy

as you might say.

When the night approaches

And it’s too dark to see,

well you can bet your sweet tootsies

that he still has something

that needs his sweet care.

Now what is he working on

way past dark?

He’s trimming my toenails,

and filing them down...

he’s making me pretty,

from my head…on down.



* I never said I was a poet!...and I took this picture while he was giving me a man-i-cure. Isn't he just the sweetest and he makes me feel like a princess. Between him and the kids & their families, I feel like the luckiest person in the whole wide world.


PEA said...

Are there any more of him around????? I'd like to order one please:-) hehe xox

T*mmy said... very sweet!!

jellyhead said...

He's a rare and precious commodity, your Jimmy!

Kerri said...

The love you give comes back to you Sandy. I'm sure Jimmy feels very lucky too :)
He's a sweetheart for sure!

Peter said...

Great photo Sandy.

Rachel said...

A keeper for sure!! I doubt many husbands give manicures!