Saturday, December 01, 2007

Loveable Creatures

I'm so excited! I got a package in the mail and when I opened it, this is what was inside. Aren't they cute! There's a postcard with a picture of a candy cane stripe creature, a beautiful tag from Fluffy Flowers, a rosette pin, 3 cute magnets and a big brown fuzzy creature, which Jimmy promptly named Ferbie. Thank you Doubleknot for all of these cute handmade creatures.

Besides the beautiful rosette pin, Doubleknot crocheted these cute refrigerator magnets. A turtle, a kitty cat and the little mouse with those great big eyes is just adorable. I think 'mousie' is my favorite of the magnets. I fell in love with his adorable eyes, long whiskers and tail.

This is Ferbie. I've admired him from afar for a long time now and now he's mine. Doubleknot's daughter Felicia of Fluffy Flowers makes these adorable little cuddly creatures of all kinds. Ferbie is so cute and much bigger than what I thought he would be. Go on over and take a look at some of Felicia's other creations. She has many other cute creations and she makes them all herself.

Here's a closeup of that beautiful tag that accompanied the's very pretty. Thank you doubleknot for this wonderful surprise gift. You and your daughter are both very talented.


Motherkitty said...

What a sweet thing to do for you. And, a very nice surprise. I hope you enjoy each and every one of these very cute gifts. I hope your Ferbie and all the other kitties in your household get along together without any fur flying.

LZ Blogger said...

Too cute Sandy! ~ jb///

JunieRose2005 said...

All of these are very cute gifts! How nice!


Rachel said...

What wonderful gifts!!! I like the mouse too. What big eyes he has! Bet your cats would like to play with him!! :)

T*mmy said...

What a sweet blessin' for you!

Furbie is so cute!!

Have a great evening! =)

Jamie Dawn said...

What adorable gifts!!
Ferbie is a great name!